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Beat ReBuilder Beat ReBuilder Beat ReBuilder Beat ReBuilder
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Beat ReBuilder

Replace and rebuild beats

One of the biggest obstacles in beat-making is friction; sometimes you want to remix that awesome loop you just heard, but between finding the right samples, lining them up correctly, and balancing the audio, it can be laborious. Or when you're making your own beats, it's easy to find yourself with no clear direction, spending lots of time with nothing to show for it.

Recognizing this, we at Stagecraft Software have been making something special to help make remixing and beat-building easier. We call it Beat ReBuilder.

Decompose beats

Using advanced audio classification and fingerprinting, Beat ReBuilder detects percussive sounds within audio. Once identified, you can layer your own samples on top of the beat or replace it entirely. Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop the MIDI data for use in your own drum machine.

Crossfade and EQ

Beat ReBuilder can also act as a real time beat layering machine, creating a layer of new beats to augment the input. The addition of EQ and a crossfade means you can treat this like a DJ environment, using the newly created beats for transitions in a variety of ways.

Instant MIDI clips

Beat ReBuilder keeps a loop of the most recent audio, allowing you to take audio loops and create a corresponding MIDI loop, which can be dragged into the DAW for use in drum tracks or sequencers.

Continuous MIDI output

Additionally, Beat ReBuilder continuously parses incoming audio and outputs a MIDI stream to match it in real time. Once tuned, this output can be used to find the position of each beat in a song, and used to quickly build a track for augmenting the existing audio drum track.

For more details on how to use Beat ReBuilder for your workflow, check out {See video at top of page}.


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