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Infinity Synth

Infinity Synth
What is it?
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Win 10+
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OS X 10.15+
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Instant (Serial Number)
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Infinity Synth

Expand your soundscape to infinity

Infinity Synth is a sample-based synth designed for maximum expressiveness. With a bank of high-quality sounds out of the box, as well as tools like effects, ADSRs, and filters, you can create your own endless sample bank. Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support further increases the expressiveness of your controller and unlocks the full potential of next generation MIDI controllers.

A new level of detail

Non-MPE synths are limited by the original MIDI standard. While they can modulate pitch and other attributes with a pitch wheel, trackpad, or other controller, they must apply this modulation to all notes at the same time. MPE expands the MIDI standard, sending each note in its own separate MIDI channel, enabling polyphonic expression.

Import your own SFZs

With the option to import your own SFZs, you can bring in many new sounds to Infinity Synth. Combined with the synth's extensive wave shaping capabilities, you have an endless canvas for creating new sounds.

Sample marketplace

Audition and purchase additional sample banks form our large (and growing!) library without leaving Infinity Synth.

Automate parameters

Use automation to create anything from that wobble characteristic of so much dubstep, to a voice that comes in and out at random intervals, effects that fade in and out with perfect, quantized precision.

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Infinity Synth

Reviewed By Masta Hanksta [all]
April 6th, 2023
Version reviewed: 7.73 on Mac

terrible sounds quality sounds bad worth about ten bucks.

Some sounds don't even work at all.

thesis a low budget VST for beginners.

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