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Fathom Synth

Fathom Synth

Fathom is a modular software synthesizer specializing in original waveform development, complex modulations and advanced wave table processing.


  • Fully modular signal flow.
  • The ability to draw your own waveforms.
  • 7 types of oscillators.
  • Bezier curve and wave draw oscillators.
  • 16 x 2 Wave Table Morphing.
  • AM/FM synthesis.
  • Frequency ranged noise generation with built in filter.
  • Harmonic and random distortion.
  • Detune section with nonlinear modulation and built in chorus.
  • 32 types of filters.
  • 8 effects including mixer, two chorus, three reverb, phaser, 3 channel digital delay.
  • Modulators LFO, LFO Draw, ADSR, Multisegment Envelope, Sequencer, Random Sample and Hold.
  • Modulation matrix with unlimited modulations per dial, unlimited dials per modulation.
  • Exponential and Bezier envelope curves.
  • Single cycle WAV import/export.
  • Serum compatible wave table import/export.
  • Host automation of virtually every control on the instrument.
  • Over 500 factory presets and 200 waveforms.
  • Resizable GUI.
  • Direct email tech support.
  • Windows and Mac compatible.
  • Free mono version.

Wave Table Morphing Oscillator:

  • Two tables of 16 waveforms each with modulating wave indexes for real-time wave scanning.
  • The ability to modulate and morph between the two tables creating a 3D wave space.
  • Algorithms include morph, add. subtract, phase, pulse width, pulse power, compress, overdrive.
  • Animated graphs show the operand waveform, operator waveform and combination waveform.
  • Each waveform can be loaded or hand-drawn using the wave draw interface.
  • Waveforms can be auto-filled for perfectly smooth transitions between wave positions.
  • Individual waveforms and entire tables be saved and loaded.
  • Serum format wave tables can be imported and exported.

Computer Music Magazine.

"This leviathan of a synth offers up an infinitely deep sonic playground that puts many a paid-for plugin to shame."

"Fully modulator and flexible, Fathom has enough features to leave even seasoned synthesists gasping for air. Despite its bottomless potential, Fathom is really easy to 'fathom' with a sleek and intuitive interface that gives immediate and impressive results." (CM June 2019 Page 65).

Fathom Reviews:

  • BPB Top 50 Free VST Plugins of 2017 (Fathom #3).
  • Bedroom Producers Blog Fathom Review.
  • Fathom 3D Wave Table Modulation.

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Fathom Synth
Reviewed By crystalmsc
January 14, 2020

I've been looking for a plugin synth with a thick and organic character which is lacking in the current market. So glad to finally got this one! It's not surprising since the developer is a former Ensoniq's software development team. The synth got that 80-90's power synth character, with a warmth and depth, rarely found on plugins. Another great thing is that the developer is very communicative and updating the plugin consistently. They're working on some massive CPU improvements, which is going to make the synth even greater. I can't wait for the sampler module, with some layering of 8-bit samples it has a potential for becoming something like the Mirage Soundprocess OS. Or with 6 layers of 12/16-bit, reaching the TS territory. The effects reminds me a bit of the glorious DP4+. So excited with the future of the development. Thank you to the developer for creating such an amazing synth.

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Fathom Synth
Reviewed By neigui
November 3, 2019

I sued the free version before, then i bought this year.It's cool, i dont like the modular synth, but this plugin is difference.Its eaasy to understand how it is work. Good sound and free creative.I love it. I hope the developers could reduce the use of CPU and develope more cool skins.

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Fathom Synth
Reviewed By Ojaix
October 30, 2019

All I can say is this is way more value than what I paid for it. Loads of features, loads of very rich preset/samples and just a very high-quality synth in every way.

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Fathom Synth
Reviewed By gerain-san
September 19, 2019

This synth is very cool. It has nice features for sound design issues. I would like developer to work towards decreasing the CPU usage, but in general I can completely recommend this synth. I like to support indie developers of vst's.

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Fathom Synth
Reviewed By AmbieticA
June 10, 2019

After decades of sound design using multiple synthesizers and synthesis techniques, I believe I've finally found the "Holy Grail" of synthetic design using Fathom. It has seemingly limitless prospects, combined with the cleanest upper register audio I have ever heard! Using multiple synthesis methods, with such an open modular system, will leave any serious sound designer in awe over the complex potential that awaits them. Fathom has found a permanency within my sound design arsenal like no other synth ever has, and I feel like I've barely scratched the sound design "possibility" surface, as it feels like an infinite palette of sound awaits my further exploration into the depths of this unique synthesizer.

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