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Glassy hitech darkpsy psycore FX 1 My KVR

Atmospheres and Soundscapes by Eplex7 DSP
Glassy hitech darkpsy psycore FX 1
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Glassy hitech darkpsy psycore FX 1

Eplex7 Glassy hitech darkpsy psycore FX 1 is a VSTi & AU Plug-in instrument with 20 multi octave banks for Windows and macOS. It works in the Free Eplex7 Player plug-in or can be used also as expanding library in other Eplex7 DSP's plug-in instruments.

This multi-octave banks instrument includes special glassy organic sounding FX sounds, glassy effects, pseudopads and atmospheric alien soundscapes, designed mainly for Hitech, Darkpsy, Forest psytrance, Psycore, Progressive psytrance, Darkprog and many other genres.

Glassy hitech darkpsy psycore FX 1 is modern and easy to use plug-in instrument with multi-octaved / multi-sampled sounds, instruments, waveforms and synths.

The sound quality is retained on professional level in wide range of tones / octaves from C3 to C7 or more.

All sounds can be modified by internal parameters like LFO rate/depth (Triangle, Sinus, Saw, Square, Exponent) with Pitch, Expression and Pan modulation. Low pass / High pass filter with cutoff, Reverb/Space, Amplitude envelope, Pan. You can play in various modes: polyphonic, Monophonic or Legato with Glide function. You can use external VST plug-in effects from Eplex7 or other manufacturer to significantly modify all included instruments and create brand new sounds fast and easy.


- Plug-in instrument for MAC & Windows / VSTi 2.0 & 3.0 / Audio Unit (AU) / Mac VST (VST3) in x32 / x64-bit systems.

- Low pass / High Pass filter with cutoff
- High quality sound engine, disk streaming technology (saving RAM memory and very low CPU consumption)
- LFO with rate/depth (Triangle, Sinus, Saw, Square, Exponent) with Pitch, Expression and Pan modulation.

- Fast preset / sounds browser with menu / arrows
- Reverb/Space
- Glide function (Legato mode), Mono mode and Polyphonic mode
- Pan knob
- Amplitude envelope (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
- Velocity mode selector.


- Compatibility: this product / multi-octave bank works as VST / AU instrument and can be loaded in Free Eplex7 player plug-in or as expansion in next Eplex7 instruments.

- Requirements: MAC & Windows / VSTi 2.0 & 3.0 / AU / Mac VST, x32/x64-bit.

- File formats: *.MSE.

- Size: 96,4 MB.

List of multi-octave instruments:

– Algorithm
– Basic
– Biomekanikal
– Fast Calculation
– FMizer
– Glass gnomes
– Metal tek blip
– Micrometal
– Organic
– Psignomorphis
– Psycore dream
– Quantum computer
– Restart
– Scuba
– Short hit
– Skener
– Spaceship inside
– Submarine
– Syspheral
– Terramorf.


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