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Alien Underwater

Underwater Effect by Eplex7 DSP
Alien Underwater Alien Underwater Alien Underwater Alien Underwater Alien Underwater Alien Underwater Alien Underwater
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Alien Underwater

Eplex7 DSP Alien Underwater VST Plug-in

{See video at top of page}

What do the Earthlings really sound like? What voice do they have? Can they communicate telepathically?

Only a few secret service agents know the answer to these questions.


But what do aliens sound like when they are under water? That's the question.

One way to hear aliens underwater is if you're a psychopathic Secret Service agent with a penchant for waterboarding who's tired of torturing people on behalf of the government and gets transferred to the Special Alien Operations Unit.

The second possibility is to be a diver who is lucky to have just dived in the area where a UFO crashed that could not float above sea level.

In addition, there is a new option to download this unique plug-in with emulation of aliens under water.

It is a technology with experimental algorithms for advanced extraterrestrial sound design.

Alien Underwater is great for example with FX synths to totally transform, mutate and twist them, it's also great with beats, percussion, leads with anything you want to give a bit of nasty or beautiful bubbling alien DNA.

Come dive in and enjoy alien underwater wellness.


Top features:

Water inflow knob.

Alien frequency knob.

Microphone position knob.

Water flow rate knob.

Alien telepathy knob.

Water drain knob.

Dry / Wet (literally!) knob.

Preset manager with 11 presets of wet mutaded underwater aliens.





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