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Sent May 14, 2024

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ImpOSCar 3

Like the original, impOSCar's hybrid architecture combines the precision of digital oscillators with the warmth of analogue filters, providing a vast range of sonic possibilities.

New in impOSCar3:

  • ImpOSCar3's oscillators have been augmented with fully editable 256-step wavetables drawn as shapes or edited as partials.
  • 450+ new factory Patches and a powerful browser to allow easy navigation through the vast array of included patches—over 1800 in total.
  • Four new macros, a new reverb, an improved layout, a user-designable LFO editor, aftertouch control, undo and redo, a fully scalable UI, and more.

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Gforce Everything Bundle

Each instrument in the bundle is meticulously crafted to replicate the authentic analogue experience, enhanced with modern functionalities like X-Modifier technology, scalable interfaces, vast preset libraries and unique sound quality.

Everything Bundle Features:

  • Contains ALL currently available products from GForce Software.
  • Synths: OB-X, OB-E, OB-EZ, SEM, Minimonsta2, Oddity3, impOSCar3, & Axxess.
  • Drum Machine: Oberheim DMX.
  • Instruments: M-Tron Pro IV, MkII, & VSM IV.
  • All M-Tron Pro Expansion Packs.
  • All Preset Packs.
  • Over 11920 patches.

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Gforce Heritage Bundle

Ideal for crafting both vintage-flavored hits and innovative soundscapes, the GForce Heritage Bundle opens the doors to endless musical creativity. It's an essential toolkit for musicians, composers, producers, and sound designers seeking to blend timeless sounds with modern sonic exploration.

Heritage Synth Bundle – Key Features:

  • Unparalleled authenticity and expressive capability.
  • A faithful collection brimming with character and top-tier audio quality.
  • Designed to bring the unique textures and tones of classic synthesisers into your compositions.
  • Advanced sound design capabilities for the discerning audio professional.
  • Over 6000 patches.
  • The textural impOSCar3.
  • The profound Minimonsta2.
  • The intricate Oddity3.
  • The immediate Axxess.
  • The sublime Oberheim OB-E and OB-EZ.
  • The detailed Oberheim OB-X and SEM.
  • The influential Oberheim DMX.

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