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Modalics Bundle
Mastery Bundle Mastery Bundle Mastery Bundle Mastery Bundle Mastery Bundle Mastery Bundle
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Modalics Bundle

The Modalics Mastery Bundle contains MINDst Drums, Beat Scholar, Eon Arp, Bitfuzzer and Time Oddity Chorus.

MINDst Drums: A Drum Plugin That Grooves and Feels Alive:

  • Massive sample library & innovative algorithms keep your grooves sounding rich & authentic.
  • Dozens of articulations, with added depth to Hi Hat and Snare.
  • Freely updated collection of MIDI grooves & fills by world class drummers.
  • Robust mixer with built-in reverbs & FX.
  • Multi-out modes for pro level mixing.
  • Finely tuned drum sound, tight low end and smooth highs.

Beat Scholar: Modern Beatmaking Powerhouse:

  • Combine subdivisions to create rich, unique sounding rhythms in a few clicks.
  • Place any drum on any beat, Beat Scholar gives you total freedom to create drum fills, linear grooves and easily place them anywhere.
  • Add bars, change measures and beat values easily.
  • Beat Scholar keeps you in musical context, encouraging experimentation and innovation.

Eon : Infinite Harmonic & Melodic Inspiration:

  • Unmatched Flexibility - 11 pitch positions, up to 128 steps, free or quantized editing of every note position and length.
  • Time & Space are Relative - Control step length, pattern length or mix and match both options over 8 arp snapshots per preset.
  • Built-In mini synth with dozens of wave shapes and analog style delay.
  • 100's of harmonies, chords and scales to inspire your next composition.
  • Freely draw melodic shapes and listen to them.

Bitfuzzer: Beautiful Mayhem:

  • Unique crush algorithm provides a wide range of flavors from warm fuzz to complete meltdown.
  • Gain clips the signal and drives the crusher, unlocking an even wider range of distorted sounds.
  • The hold algorithm will create wild harmonies and tonal variations on the crushed signal.
  • Filter section complete with synth filters and a finely tuned 4 band EQ.
  • Parallel mode with independant dry/wet controls and another synth filter.
  • Oversampling control from 1X to 8X.

Time Oddity Chorus: Enrich, expand, elevate:

  • From gentle stereo enhancement to wild modulation Time Oddity Chorus does it all with style and ease.
  • 4 LFO Types allow for massive variation on the chorus behaviour.
  • Up to 8 Voices - from focused and heavily modulated to lush and wide.
  • Analog Style Damp Filter.
  • Width control brings back focus and narrows the stereo field.
  • Sync rate to tempo.
  • Engage Warp Mode for some exciting depth and crazy effects.
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