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Big Bang - Universal Drums My KVR

Drums by SONiVOX
Big Bang - Universal Drums
Big Bang - Universal Drums
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Big Bang - Universal Drums

Big Bang - Universal Drums features a deeply sampled custom made SJC drum kit played both with sticks and brushes as well as 2 different snare drums and 2 bass drum beaters for flexibility in most musical contexts.

An integral part of Big Bang – Universal Drums is a new technology called Intelligent Rhythm Control, or IRC. Intelligent Rhythm Control Technology is a new concept in music production that offers real-time rhythm correction for maximizing in-time musical performance.

I.R.C. intercepts and adjusts MIDI events as they occur, seamlessly integrating each note into the host timeline and enabling users to create propulsive drum & percussion tracks with fluidity and ease. With I.R.C. enabled it is impossible to play out of time.

Big Bang - Universal Drums Features At A Glance:

  • Deeply Sampled Custom Made SJC Drum Kit.
  • All programs are multi-velocity, and multi-take round robin for the utmost in realism.
  • SONiVOX's Intelligent Rhythm Control (I.R.C.) technology.
  • Sticks and Brushes Performance Patches.
  • Bonus Ethnic and Orchestral Percussion Patches.
  • MIDI Learn & Save Function – Big Bang – Universal Drums is instantly compatible with any MIDI controller.
  • Independent Zone (per-drum) Tempo-Synced Variable Resolution Roll/Retrigger Mode.
  • 8 User-assignable stereo outputs and 8 User-assignable effects busses complete with onboard EQ, and tempo-sync delay.
  • MAC Standalone, RTAS, VST, and AU compatible.
  • PC Standalone, RTAS, and VST compatible.
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Big Bang - Universal Drums
Reviewed By ampmod
August 24, 2020

Big Bang Drums, simple but just what you need, I've gone from other drum kits EZdrums ect because their sound gets over-processed very quickly (It seems to me) I need sound I can process to make as loud as I can and the only kit I've found that works for me is big BANG and for the price it's amazing, I just want to say I've gone from Native instrument to Sonivox products I did not think I would but what you get to so much more defined and useable. cant wait to buy Tony Coleman drum kit If not just to use the EQ. The downside I wish I could use my own sample as well that would make big BANG prefect.

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