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MR Noise

Noise Removal / Restoration by Wave Arts
MR Noise
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MR Noise

MR Noise is part of the Wave Arts Master Restoration Suite, a comprehensive set of restoration plug-ins for cleaning up tape, vinyl, and acoustic recordings.

The MR Suite consists of 5 plug-ins:

  • MR Noise: powerful broadband noise reduction.
  • MR Click: click/pop removal and crackle/scratch removal.
  • MR Hum: hum removal, buzz removal, brickwall filters, and spectrum display.
  • MR Gate: noise gate.
  • Master Restoration: all-in-one plug-in.

MR Noise is a sophisticated broadband noise reduction processor.

Key features:

  • Great sounding with minimal artifacts.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Low latency (under 20 msec) noise reduction can be used in live situations.
  • Fast noise floor learning time (down to 50 msec), hence noise looping is not required.
  • Auto dynamics mode keeps transients sharp while avoiding squirrelly artifacts.
  • Monitor feature to hear removed noise.
  • Comprehensive display shows spectrum of input signal, output signal and noise floor.
  • Parameters can be edited as function of frequency.
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