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Neo EQ
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Neo EQ Grand Collection

NeoEQ is a revolutionary concept in equalizer technology. Totally different from traditional EQ, Neo EQ is able to automatically detect and lock in the most audible/sensitive frequency. This makes the whole EQ process much easier and more effective than traditional EQ.

Mixing engineers spend years learning how to hear individual frequencies and fine tune the EQ. To get that perfect EQ, you have to acquire a lot of professional knowledge, which can be quite time consuming and relies heavily on having "golden ears". Then the tweaking starts, boosting or cutting each targeted frequency by just the right amount. Too much or too little boost/cut will not do a good job. And that's not the end of the nightmare: there's also bandwidth/Q to consider and this alone can make or break a sound, the track - the entire mix! EQ is always where the value of the mixing engineer is put under the microscope.

Neo EQ does a lot of the work that a mixing engineer did in the past. Send an audio signal to Neo EQ and it will analyze that input and find just the right frequencies for you. You won't need to hunt for the right frequency by yourself anymore or worry about whether you can find the correct one. After Neo EQ finds that perfect frequency for you, you can adjust the bass, the basic frequency and the harmonic for it. This not only saves a lot of time, it can give you amazing insight on how those with years of training zero in on exactly what needs fixing. And Neo EQ takes the guesswork out of messing with the Bandwidth/Q settings. Sound Magic has analyzed hundreds of mixing engineer's EQ methods and developed three special algorithms for bandwidth. Pick your musical/engineering style and Bandwidth will be automatically calculated for you.

Neo EQ is REALLY totally dynamic. The cutoff frequency in Neo EQ is always changing as the input audio changes. Common parametric EQ units remain static, even those that are called "dynamic EQ". Because of its ability to automatically lock up with the right frequency, Neo EQ is more efficient, giving you way more effect with much smaller changes. A 2dB boost sounds similar to an 8dB boost on a common parametric EQ. The bottom line? You end up with much less distortion by increasing the efficiency of the EQ. Less boost/decay and narrower bandwidth makes any distortion far less than traditional EQ. Measurement results prove that Neo EQ only brings around 5% of the distortion of a traditional parametric EQ unit.

Neo EQ2.0 Features an improved pitch tracking algorithm. This gives Neo EQ the ability to better track the right frequency for solo, vocal or a whole mix situation. For example, when the signal is a solo instrument, Neo EQ will track the right basic frequency and harmonic. When the signal changes to a whole mix, Neo EQ will focus on the most sensitive frequency, not on the harmonics. Different modes enable Neo EQ2.0 to do a great job on all kinds of music tracks.

One of the Neo EQ2.0 key features is the dynamic interaction between Boost/Cut and Q. By adding this, Neo EQ2.0 adds a whole new dimension to the words "Dynamic EQ". This really adds life to the whole sound and helps you to shape your unique sound style.

Another key feature that Neo EQ provides is that you can analyze a piece of audio first, then hold the frequency characteristics of it and apply that setting to other audio tracks. In this way, you can clone a static EQ setting from one audio track to another easily. This is a way of clone tonal balance from one piece to another.

Neo EQ2.0 also features a special designed EQ for high frequencies. Different modes give you full control of these high frequencies. If you only need a brief but effective boost/cut on highs, Mixing Mode would fit you best. If you want to have gentle improvements of highs during mastering, then Mastering Mode is the right choice. If you are seeking to add beautiful air/space feeling to your highs or make the highs transparent, then the unique A.I.R Mode will put a smile on your face.

Neo EQ2.0 has 3 stereo modes for different usages in different situations. Stereo is the common mode we mostly use to process stereo or mono signal. M/S Mono Mode will transfer the stereo signal into an M/S signal, then only process the M (Mono) channel. This is often useful in mastering and will let you process the instruments located in the middle while the ones located on left or right are not influenced. M/S Side mode will only process the S (side) channel of the signal. This is very useful when you need to adjust the stereo field of the whole mix.

Equipped with the Sound Magic Auto Distortion Correction Peaking Filter Technology, Neo EQ provides the lowest distortion rate ever. This leads to a rich, natural sound - the sort of sound you know you want - and your music deserves.


  • Internal 64-bit floating point processing.
  • Innovative pitch detection algorithm can track the right frequency for solo, vocal and even a whole mix, provides different modes for different cases.
  • 4 pitch detectors focus on bass, basic frequency, harmonic and higher harmonic, give users full control on the whole frequency range.
  • Innovative dynamic interaction between boost/cut and Q. Provides controls on the peak follower so users can design their own interaction.
  • Innovative EQ design for high frequency. Provides 3 modes for mixing and mastering usage.
  • Innovative Auto Distortion Correction Peaking Filter Technology brings lower distortion rate than common filters.
  • Artificial Intelligence Assisted Bandwidth/Q control based on the behavior modeling on over hundreds mixing engineers and users can choose 3 styles for their own use.
  • Freeze function enables users to analyze an audio signal first, then hold its harmonic information and apply to another audio track.
  • Simple and friendly GUI design.
  • Up to 32-bit/384kHz resolution.
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