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Oberheim OB-X
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Oberheim OB-X

Oberheim OB-X – Beautifully classic yet resolutely modern

GForce's Oberheim OB-X is the world's first officially endorsed emulation of this famous 80s synth. Yet it sounds modern and lends itself superbly to Electronica, EDM, Drum and Bass, Ambient, Rock, Prog Rock, Hip Hop and more. The original synth was used by revered artists and groups such as; Japan, Ultravox, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Depeche Mode, Queen, Larry Dunn, Youth, Chris Franke, Styx, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and many more. GForce's OB-X preserves the sound everybody loves and has been upgraded to offer new sonic possibilities.

An authentic OB-X with vast sound design possibilities

Oberheim OB-X provides an authentic experience but has been enhanced with powerful features designed for the modern setup. GForce's OB-X features up to 16 voice polyphony, a vintage control for adding subtle analogue imperfections, four programmable Macros, new intro, retrigger, phase and smoothing features for the LFO, new level destination for the LFO, separate PWM1 and 2, discrete levels, discrete tracking, an arpeggiator, a chord mode with scaler, Chorus, Stereo Delay and Reverb effects, and more. Finally, GForce's OB-X has been augmented with X-Modifiers, dedicated LFOs and ADSRs for almost all parameters that take OB-X to the next level of sound design.

Create hugely complex, yet musical, sounds with X-Modifier technology

Using our unique X-Modifier technology, the scope of sound modulation possibilities is immense. The intuitive X-LFO and X-ADSR section enables you to work faster without having to set up modulation paths; they're already set up for you. X-Mods provide you with the ability to create extensive modulations of almost every parameter, allowing you to create hugely complex, yet musical, sounds. So, while the tone and character at the heart of the synth remain authentic to the original, the additional features turn it into a true sonic canvas.

Inspiration At The Speed Of Sound

OB-X, with its fully resizable UI, a powerful new Preset Browser, and over 400 brand new production-ready presets from top-level sound designers, is fully ready for modern music production.

Oberheim OB-X features our new, highly flexible preset browser, providing the power to organise sounds in a way that suits your workflow. With extensive tagging, sorting and search possibilities, it's quick and easy to find the presets you want. We've also included more than 400+ brand new production-ready presets, having enlisted an array of diverse sound designers and artists including; Lightbath, GEOsynths, Christian Laffitte, Richard Veenstra and Ramon Kerstens (K/V), Tontario, Stuart Thomas, Zardonic, Andrew Schlesinger, Drew Neumann, Noyzelab, Sonic Space lab, Dave Spiers, Tom Wolfe, Graeme Rawson and more. The presets range from resolutely modern to passionately classic with a lot of recreations that you may have heard on more than one timeless hit.

Oberheim OB-X – key features:

  • An authentic sounding emulation of the Oberheim OB-X.
  • Fully-scalable UI.
  • Powerful Preset Browser.
  • Over 400 presets.
  • Vintage knob for authentic analog imperfections.
  • Augmented with vast modulation options via X-Modifiers.
  • Chord mode with scales.
  • Arppegiator.
  • Chorus, Delay and Reverb effects.
  • Four programmable Macros for easy manipulation of sounds.
  • Monophonic, polyphonic, legato and unison trigger modes.
  • Per-voice-pan for wide stereo sounds.
  • Programmable Aftertouch and expanded Velocity controls for extra playability.

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Oberheim OB-X

Reviewed By nealob [all]
October 18th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Endorsed by Tom Oberheim himself, the synth sounds fantastic and is able to emulate all the well known classic OB-X patches along with with much more due to the extra modern features and 16 voices. The CC MIDI control interface is intuitive and very easy to map to a hardware keyboard or controller. Already my new favourite soft synth which is sitting beside some other excellent go to soft synths from Roland Cloud Ultimate, Korg Collection 4, Cherry Audio GX-80 and Dune 3.

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