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Autumnal Equinox 2023


This weekend, Saturday September 23 and Sunday September 24, KVR Marketplace will DOUBLE the value of your KVR POINT$ at check out. 

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Percussion Mega Pack - Over 2500 Sounds!

Percussion Mega Pack - Over 2500 Sounds!
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Percussion Mega Pack - Over 2500 Sounds!

Percussion Mega Pack - Over 2500 Percussion Sounds!

6 Best Selling Sample Packs in 1 - SAVE MORE!!

New Loops Percussion Mega Pack combines 6 high quality audio sample packs in one easy download delivering over 2500 percussion and drum one shots including multi-sampled concert percussion and analogue drum machines.

Percussion Mega Pack includes the following packs:

  1. Premium Claps and Snares.
  2. Premium Hi Hats and Rides.
  3. Premium EDM Kicks.
  4. Deep Kicks.
  5. These Are The Kicks.
  6. Percussion.

100% Royalty Free

As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Percussion Mega Pack is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions. We are sure you will find this sound library a great resource for years to come.

This Sample Pack is in WAV Format

Please note: This audio sample pack is in WAVE (.wav) format. Audio WAV format works with any software compatible with the standard WAV format. Full details of each included pack can be found at NewLoops.com.

1. Premium Claps and Snares

A supreme collection of dance music Clap and Snare one-shots featuring sounds recorded from hardware drum machines and processed with hardware compression to bring you the thickest Clap and Snare samples available.

In detail, you will find 77 analogue Claps and Snares in all their raw glory, 150 processed Claps and Snares with a big and wide sound, 25 creative sound effects, and as a bonus, the 150 processed Claps & Snares sent through a UAD EMT 140 plate reverb for added depth and sonic character.

Main Features:

  • 402 Total Sounds.
  • 150 Processed Claps and Snares.
  • 77 Raw Analogue Claps and Snares.
  • 25 Sound Effects (Impacts and Special FX).
  • 150 Claps and Snares with UAD Plate Reverb.

2. Premium Hi Hats and Rides

Premium Hi Hats and Rides is an exquisite collection Hi Hats, Rides, Crashes and other Percussion one shots. A total of 345 new sounds recorded from hardware drum machines and live percussion instruments then processed with hardware compression to give you the highest fidelity percussion samples available.

Main Features:

  • 69 Closed Hats.
  • 67 Open Hats.
  • 30 Crashes.
  • 51 Rides.
  • 76 Miscellaneous (Tambourines, Shakers, etc.).
  • 52 Sound Effects (Transitions and Special FX).

Please note: Some of the 'Miscellaneous' sounds (shakers) are taken from our 'Percussion' library.

3. Premium EDM Kicks

50 of the punchiest EDM Bass Drums sourced from analogue hardware drum machines, layered, processed and mastered for maximum loudness.

40 Kick Transients will give your loops a new smack while the 25 Sound Effects will add impact to your breaks, and if you need to go harder, we've got you covered with 15 Distortion Kicks.

As if all that's not enough, we've included 35 Pounding EDM Drum Loops as a Bonus. Loops are broken down into various parts including Percussion, Claps, Rides, and of course... the Kick.

Main Features:

  • 50 Solid Kicks for the dance floor.
  • 40 Kick Transients.
  • 25 Kick FX (Impacts and Special Effects).
  • 15 Phatt Distortion Kicks.
  • 35 Bonus Drum Loop.

4. Deep Kicks

A detailed collection of the finest quality deep, kick drums. Deep Kicks contains 140 Kicks divided into two folders: 75 Long Kicks suitable for Urban styles like Hip Hop, Pop, R'n'B and Trap, and 65 Short Kicks which are suited to House, Techno, Trance and EDM styles.

Deep Kicks include Long 808 Kicks, Punchy 909 Kicks, Distorted Trap Kicks and a load of new, unheard kick drums. All Kicks have the key in the file name to help select the right pitch and many of the kicks have multiple versions with different transients, attack and decay times.

Main Features:

  • 140 New Deep Kicks.
  • 75 Long Kicks.
  • 65 Short Kicks.
  • 808 Kicks, 909 Kicks, Distorted Trap Kicks.
  • Key in file names.

5. These Are The Kicks

Made from scratch on an Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine and featuring 30 original Kicks, tuned in seven different keys providing 210 variations, each Kick tuned in keys D, E, F, G, A, B, C. Also included are 25 bonus kick sound effects to add impact to your tracks.

Main Features:

  • 210 analogue kick drums.
  • 30 original kicks tuned in keys D, E, F, G, A, B, C.
  • 25 bonus kick sound effects.
  • Key in file names.

6. Percussion

New Loops 'Percussion' is a unique mix of live and synth percussion in a single package and features a total of 1297 high quality percussion sounds.

To make this percussion library we recorded tens of thousands of pounds' worth of concert instruments including a 4 piece Timpani, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Tubular Bells, Orchestral Cymbals, Concert Bass Drums, Symphonic Gong and loads more.

'Percussion' has a wealth of useful instruments including various shakers, tambourines, Goblet Drums, Damaru, Bongos, Toms, Granite Blocks, Agogo Bells, and many other day-to-day percussion instruments.

Also included are 611 Drum Machine samples to cover all your modern electronic percussion sounds and has various toms, rims, cowbells and synth percussion, as well as classic sounds like 808 and 909 drums – all multi-sampled in various pitches and decay lengths.

Main Features:

  • 1297 Total Percussion Sounds.
  • 611 Classic and Modern Drum Machine Sounds.
  • 110 Shaker and Tambourine WAV Loops (108 Rex Loops).
  • 30 Different Percussion Instruments.
  • Concert, Live, Tuned and Drum Machine Percussion.
  • Multi Sampled Tuned Percussion Instruments.
  • Multi Sampled 4 Piece Timpani.

Percussion Mega Pack Specifications

Sample Packs: 6 in 1 bundle
Audio: 24-bit / 44.1 kHz
Pack Size: 1.13 GB (uncompressed)
Download Size: 850 MB (.zip).


Download the Fee Demo from https://newloops.com/products/percussion-mega-pack

Please Note: If buying from the KVR Marketplace you will be emailed after purchase.

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