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Prophet-VS V Prophet-VS V Prophet-VS V Prophet-VS V Prophet-VS V
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Prophet-VS V

Prophet-VS V captures the crisp digital precision and stirring sci-fi sound of an instrument that pioneered vector synthesis. Pick your waveforms, perfect your sound, and explore multiple digital dimensions simultaneously with an enhanced softsynth workflow.

4-dimensional sound

Go beyond crossfading and blending waveforms with Prophet-VS V's authentic joystick oscillator section. Assign any of the 450+ waveforms to its 4 oscillators, and seamlessly modulate and navigate the near-limitless space between them for a breathtaking sonic spectrum.

Unashamedly digital

Prophet-VS V channels the crystalline clarity, rich harmonic depth, and icy layered timbres that early digital synths were known for, then runs it through emulated Curtis analog filters and amps for an abrasive hybrid sound, overflowing with aliasing imperfections; perfect for hyperpop, trap, EDM, and ambient sound design.

Automate, modulate

Prophet-VS V's sound is all about movement. When you're not navigating the space between its 4 digital oscillators, employ its LFO groups, flexible envelope generators, and built-in arpeggiator to make your patches dance and evolve in a few clicks.

Simple yet advanced

While the original Prophet VS' digital architecture afforded it plenty of flexibility, we figured a little more wouldn't hurt. Take its sound further with tasteful enhancements to original features like the mixer envelope, plus extra modulation and built-in effects - without over-complicating your flow.

Main features:

  • Virtual Instruments playable in a DAW (Live, FL Studio, Logic, ...) or standalone with a MIDI keyboard.
  • 4 oscillators with over 450 single-cycle waveforms to choose from, plus user waveforms.
  • Unique joystick-based oscillator blending with Mixer Envelope feature for hands-free waveform morphing.
  • Emulated Curtis 3379 4-pole low-pass ladder filter and VCA.
  • 2 x 6-shape LFOs.
  • Authentic 5-stage looping envelope, plus DADSR and MSEG, with quick-look and advanced controls.
  • Authentic Random feature with added controls.
  • Panning per voice with pan spread, plus glide and unison controls.
  • Built-in modeled BBD chorus circuit.
  • 6-pattern arpeggiator with Gate, Note Repeat, and Octave controls.
  • Mod Matrix.
  • 3 x Function Generators.
  • 3 x FX slots with 16 FX to choose from.
  • MTS-ESP microtuning compatibility.
  • MPE compatibility.

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