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Augmented BRASS Augmented BRASS Augmented BRASS Augmented BRASS Augmented BRASS Augmented BRASS Augmented BRASS
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Augmented BRASS

Augmented BRASS delivers a rich variety of expressive, unique, and powerful brass sounds for modern production and composition, uniting beautifully recorded samples, bold synth engines, and seamless morphing between them.

Air and metallike you've never heard it.

Go from evocative chamber trumpets to huge cinematic ensembles, somber melodies to thunderous synth-infused fanfares, essential brass tones to experimental textures unheard - all in the same place. Augmented BRASS morphs beautifully-recorded samples and powerful synth engines into captivating and refreshing sounds for your composition, production, and sound exploration.

Brass instruments evolved

Finally unlock the next-level brass sounds you've been looking for, from glossy '80s Blade Runner pads to earth-shattering orchestral tones, transformed for modern & experimental music making.

Project-ready sounds

Create brass parts that instantly lock in with your projects, from ambient production to library composition, with hundreds of tailor-made presets and endless tonal sweet spots.

Effortless expression

Command your brass sound with ease; make sweeping changes to any sound with the Morph control, intuitively alter key sonic characteristics with quick-fire macros, and more.

Deeper sound design

Augmented BRASS is easy to use, but it can go deeper if needed. Fine-tune every aspect of your sound, from your multiple engines to dynamic modulation, and everything in between.

Morphing:sound between the valves.

Navigate the exciting sonic territory between each of Augmented BRASS' elements with the central Morph control.

A single sweep adjusts multiple parameters, moving between samples and synthesis, motion and color, familiarity and the unknown.


A vast range of expressive & powerful brass samples, from chamber trumpets to tubas, punchy staccatos to orchestral swells, alongside an embellished selection of outboard-processed and resynthesized recordings. The most comprehensive range of useful, musical, and creative brass samples, featuring dozens of articulations, forming an essential foundation for evolved brass sounds.


Infuse your brass timbres with the hard-hitting modern sound of 4 synth engines - Virtual Analog, Granular, Wavetable, and Harmonic - alongside the Simpler engine, a flexible library of impact and noise samples for extra energy, precision, and depth.

Augmented BRASS is designed to deliver the powerful, authentic brass sounds you need, but give you the flexibility to push your sound into new territory when you need to - in as little time as possible.


Blur the lines between Augmented BRASS' multiple layers, move from authentic to synthetic, and choose any selection of up to 8 parameters to adjust with a single sweep of one control. Explore any combination of samples, synthesis, or hybrid, unlocking a universe of next-level brass sounds within one preset.

Augmented BRASS' simple interface and diverse preset library brings quick results to keep your flow moving - but when you want to get complex, you can. The Advanced panel takes you deep into the inner workings of the instrument, giving you detailed control over your sound sources, modulation, performance, and beyond.

Tap into the full capabilities of Augmented BRASS' sound sources by adjusting the dual engines within each layer. This puts 4 sound sources at your disposal; any combination of up to 2 sampling and 2 synthesis engines. Within each engine, make subtle tweaks or drastic changes, from essentials like part-specific panning and waveform combinations, to detailed elements like vibrato assignment or keyboard offset.

Capturing the essence of brass

This isn't just a detailed sample library; this is a collection of diverse, authentic, and modern brass recordings, from the wonderful to the weird, performed by a dynamic and expressive ensemble.

Repeated chords, each with a different recorded brass sample.

Before morphing, modulation, or expression, Augmented BRASS needed a solid sonic foundation. The sample library that forms this foundation was recorded in a specialist studio in Europe, with a colorful variety of microphones and preamps, spanning tuba, cimbasso, contrabass trombone, bass trombone, tenor trombones, trumpet, and horns. It explores 11 orchestral articulations, from soft sustain to random flutter tongue expressions, alongside 16 chamber articulations, including trumpets, horns, trombones, and tubas.

Tipping over into experimental territory, you're also equipped with 15 processed brass sounds, where both orchestral and chamber samples have been treated with vintage outboard units, tape machines, distortions, and other effects to unlock a wealth of exciting new timbres. Finally, the library is complemented by 15 additional brass-esque sounds, from resonant synth pads to droning metallic textures.


  • Dynamic sample library: From full orchestral brass, to chamber horns & trumpets, to wild tape-degraded sustain, the perfect foundations for modern brass sounds.
  • Cutting-edge synth engines: Augment familiar brass sounds with synthesis, from virtual analog bass to the new 'Simpler' engine for impacts and noise textures.
  • Expression & morphing: Make sweeping changes to any sound with the Morph control, or intuitively alter key sonic characteristics with quick-fire macros.
  • Deep sound design: Fine-tune your sample & synth layers, and add custom modulation, arpeggiation, effects, and macros in one place.
  • Versatile presets: Hundreds of expertly-crafted presets, from familiar brass timbres to experimental sounds, designed for every style.
  • Interface improvements: With user feedback in mind, we've updated the modulation workflow, visual feedback, and added features like individual part panning and keyboard offset - for all Augmented instruments.

{See video at top of page}

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Augmented BRASS
Reviewed By elviecho
April 29th, 2023

This is a nice plugin. The presets are very usable and mostly unique. It fits in classic music but you can use it for almost every genre. I've made a quick track to demonstrate the variaty of sounds.
I've used only drums and 15 instances of Augmented Brass (original presets only):

Highly recommended if you can get it for € 29,-- (V-Collection 9 Users).

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