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Full Analog Modular FX sample pack Vol.3 - Eplex7 & Twisted Kala

Full Analog Modular FX sample pack Vol.3 – Eplex7 & Twisted Kala

Full Analog modular FX sample pack Vol.3 - Eplex7 & Twisted Kala

The collection contains 135 FX samples created with modular synthesizer that was hand-made on DIY basis from customizable modules with using kits. Together with previous free packs vol.1 and vol.2 you will get full sound material from modular synthesizer.

"It took me years to design long fade In or fade Out sounds, like drone type. They're really useful to put a special intensity in your music, which will bring the listener in an intense state of mind. That's why you will find a lot of them in this package...." said Twisted Kala.

This package contains drones sounds (long fade In or fade Out moving on a really slow rate), experimental deep FX, Experimental deep atmospheres, psychedelic weird sounds, percussions (Kicks, Hit Hat, snares and Crashes). A lot of samples are long, so you can use them on 4 or 8 bar.

These samples were made for producers of any kind of electronic music. They're also adapted for Trance Music, Psychedelic Music, DarkPsy, Underground Music, Dance Music, Psycore, Hardcore, Dark progressive. As there is many different types of FX, drones, atmospheres, fade out, fade In, and psychedelic short sounds or long sequences, even crazy percussions... the samples can be used also in video games.

You will find in this package a lot of different sounds to built your track. There is a lot of long sequences sounds to create really special atmospheres and crazy FX in your music.

For this sample pack have been used:

- Grand Terminal from Endorphin.es (Envelope, filters and effects, stereo module
- Milky Way from Endorphin.es (Effects stereo module)
- 2 even VCOs from Befaco (DIY modules)
- Rampage in LFO mode from Befaco (DIY module)
- BF22 filter from Befaco (DIY module)
- KickAll from Befaco (for Kicks, game Kick, and even effects)
- HexMix from Befaco (to equalize and record the sounds in stereo) (DIY module)
- Peaks from Mutable Instruments in LFO and percussion modes
- Eloquencer from Winter Modular for the clock and the sequences
- ModDemix from Make noise (used as VCA + Ring modulation)
- Shuby from Patching panda, for FX and atmos (DIY module)
- LP filter Touellskouarn (DIY module).


- File format: *.WAV (24-bit)
- Compatibility: MAC & WIN
- Size: 359 MB.

Product page: www.eplex7.com

Video: {See video at top of page}

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