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Sick 5 Sick 5
What is it?
Operating System Availability
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System Requirements
3 GB RAM, 8 GB hard disk space, dual-core CPU or better, Windows 7 or higher.
System Requirements
3 GB RAM, 8 GB hard disk space, dual-core CPU or better, OS X 10.7 or higher.
License & Installation Method
Voucher / Code for redemption on other website
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Sick 5

Sick Volume 5 is designed to explore eerie melodic and exotic tuned plucked strings and mallets, unique winds and musical effects for the sci-fi, horror and mystery genres. It also includes a collection of evolving tonal ambient pads, atmospheric soundscapes, harmonic clouds and menacing drones.

It features 5 acoustic instrument sets, recorded in a chamber with both close and far mic positions. The "Astral Dirge Pipe" is similar to a multi-key tuned slide didgeridoo, with chromatic sustains, staccatos and effects. The "Channeling Tube" is a classic Thunder Tube, played both percussively and semi-chromatically by plucking the spring at differing lengths. The Conjuring Bell is a pair of chimes with sound holes to allow "wah-wah" effects as they ring. The "Spectral Moaner" is a droning wind instrument swung overhead to produce a harmonic series based on speed.

The "Demon String" is an acoustic guitar with a Vo-96 guitar synthesizer that produces self-sustaining harmonic drones, with a full range of plucks, plus major, minor and octave chord types. There are also 60 sci-fi and horror-inspired ambiences and evolving soundscapes. Every preset includes cutting edge control features, rack FX and selectable reverb impulses to allow you plenty of creative control.

Sick 5 includes 8 master instrument bank presets with dozens of articulations, 1452 unlocked wav samples and 4 GB installed. This library requires the full version of Kontakt 5.1 or later and is not supported by the free Kontakt Player.

Price: $59:

  • 4 GB Installed.
  • 1452 Samples.
  • 8 Kontakt 5.1 .nki instrument presets.
  • 24-bit / 48kHz uncompressed PCM wav audio.
  • Unlocked Kontakt presets and wav samples.

User Manual: https://s3.amazonaws.com/soundiron_docs/soundiron_sick_5_user_manual.pdf

MP3 Demos

{See video at top of page}

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