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Time-limited plugin bundle: Psychedelic FM Superesonator + Hitech Bass HBS1

Time-limited plugin bundle: Psychedelic FM Superesonator + Hitech Bass HBS1

Eplex7 Time-limited plugin bundle:

Psychedelic FM Superesonator + Hitech Bass HBS1 - Available on sale only until June 30th. Then these plugins will only be available individually.

Psychedelic FM Superesonator plugin synthesizer

FM synthesizer sounds are one of mostly used elements in psytrance / darkpsy / hitech or psycore music. But classic saw osc FM sounds are sounding very similar and boring after you heard the same sound in set 100x. Many synthesizers have average quality filters (comparing to DSP-chip – Motorola or Sharc, based hardware synthesizers). So we recreated these hardware dsp + analog hardware filters for precise, clean, liquid and sharp sound that cuts through mix.

Psychedelic FM Superesonator do not create FM razor sounds with basic oscillators but use special super additive oscillators where you can "Draw" your own oscillator! Stunning 128 high resolution drawbars available to create almost unlimited sound variations.

Create FM razor synths in endless sound variations extremely fast, draw your own additive oscillators real-time! Continue reading...

{See video at top of page}


Hitech Bass HBS1 advanced physical and digital modeling bassline plugin synthesizer

This is not next classic (and boring) saw wave type bass, because proper hitech / darkpsy bass should not be simple sawooth.

Hitech Bass HBS1 synthesizer uses advanced physical and digital modeling algorithms to create unique type of bass which works perfect with fast 180 BPM of hitech tracks without clicks and phasing problems. Works perfect with psycore, darkpsy / forest night psytrance, fullon, progressive, techno etc.

Classic virtual analog synthesizers are usually not suitable for psytrance or hitech bass, because you need extremely fast and stable bass. While VA synths do not have stable sound, because they are designed to emulate analog synths and have musical tone. Analog and virtual analog synths are unstable changing its sound and parameters in time. They also produce clicks, cracks, phase issues, layering of sub-bass tail of bass, disharmony with kick drum bass tail etc. That is why we designed special synthesizer designed for psychedelic basslines.

HBS1 Algorithm consist of 2 parts: one is Bass generator – creating bass or sub-bass part of bassline by special technique and next is pick / transient generator to create percussive / transient mid and high frequency part of bassline.

This algorithm creates new approach to classic electronic bassline design. It creates new kind of bass, better than classic methods, like creating bass from saw wave in classic substractive VA synthesizer. Continue reading...



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