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DnB Microsynths and wobs sample pack Vol.1

DnB Microsynths and wobs sample pack Vol.1
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DnB Microsynths and wobs sample pack Vol.1

Eplex7 DSP DnB Microsynths and wobs sample pack Vol.1

- is a collection of more than 100 micro synthesizers, percussion, micro bass, hits, wobs, for electronic music genres such as drum and bass / neurofunk, darkstep, jumpup, but also dubstep, drumstep, breakbeat, riddim, and they are also perfectly usable in genres such as electro house and bass house.

If you listen to the best drum and bass and neurofunk songs very carefully, you will find out that they do not only consist of drums and bass. But the rhythm and energy are completed by small, tiny, rhythmic synthesizer hits and electronic percussion, something like micro basses and micro synthesizers arranged between the drums. These sounds are often rather subliminal, the listener does not perceive them, but they perfectly fill the composition. They seem to give the song more speed, energy, dynamics and groove - which will make people dance, it will sweep them away with the energy of the song. If these subliminal micro sounds and micro rhythms were not there, the song would probably sound flat and boring.

You can also use these samples as miniature basses for passages such as intro, build-up, intermezzo / stoptime when you don't want to use the main bass or melodic line, but you don't want to leave only the boring beat itself.


- Samples in total: 104
- File format: WAV
- Size: 24,5 MB.

Price: 12 €. There is an introductory price for the first 70 customers of: 7,90 € (or 7 credits).


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