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Vintage Vacuum Tube VD76

Vintage vacuum tube VD76 plugin effect

Eplex7 Vintage vacuum tube VD76 plugin effect

{See video at top of page}

(Video: Live drums with VD76 plugin effect.).

Vacuum tube (or also called valve in Great Britan) is electronic component / device used in audio industry mainly as amplification component before transistors were found.

While transistors are cheaper and more effective with longer lifetime, vacuum tubes are very popular until today and preferred by many audiophiles from hi-end listening rooms (vacuum tube amps) to professional recording / mixing studios (equalizers, preamps, compressors, warming devices).


The type of vacuum tube known as a thermionic tube / valve uses the phenomenon of thermionic emission of electrons from a hot cathode (electrons are emitted in vacuum tube space of glass tube) with use of heater supply (that is why tube is glowing) and is used for a number of fundamental electronic functions such as signal amplification.

Thanks to heather inside tube not just vacuum tube is hot, but an also sound is significantly warmer. Signal is not going thru wires but thru vacuum tube "space" and electrons are "flying" from hot cathode (warmed with heater) to anode – where amplified signal is received.
This phenomenon affect signal / sound in way appreciated by audiophiles – transients and trebles are not so sharp – they are smoother, rounder and more pleasant to ears, signal is saturated – bass is fatter and warmer, mids and trebles are colored.

Processed drums with VD76.


Vacuum tube also produces range of unique sounding higher harmonics. Comparing to sterile / precise sound of transistors vacuum tubes add life and vintage warmth to sound which is very desired in today's digital music production.

Thanks to our more than 17+ years of experiences with digital sound processing and education in analog electronics we created unique algorithm simulating real vacuum tube in very realistic way + thanks to our virtual analog circuit simulation technology we also recreated real analog circuits around tubes which significantly affect sound of whole tube devices (such as production of 1st harmonics and very fat sound).

While most of digital tube plug-in emulations just produce digital distortion and unwanted, harsh sounding digital artifacts which are amplified after mastering / limiting (and not so much rounding of transients) you can hear significant difference when testing and comparing with our analog simulation algorithms – first thing you can hear transients and trebles are really softer, rounder – more pleasant to ears, there is no digital distortion but nice analog saturation, signal is really fatter when circuit power knob is turned right, signal is significantly warmer with little bit of color.

You can use Vintage vacuum tube VD76 plug-in with drums - electronic or acoustic, bass, to make synthesizers warmer and rounder, guitars, vocals, percussion or any other elements of your mix.



- Eplex7 unique analog emulation technology combining virtual analog circuits, emulation of individual components (like tubes) and hardware capturing methods in selected parts of virtual circuit / scheme of plug-in.

- Input knob (more input = more color and saturation of whole system).

- Triode (Fatter and Warmer type saturation of Triode tube, emulation of triode tube type saturation).

- Pentode (More vintage, thin and dirty type of saturation of Pentode tube, pentode type saturation emulation).

- Circuit power (to add heavy "fatness" to your sound and makes bass / drums big and massive. Pleasant warm and fat sound of vacuum tubes is not generated only by vacuum tubes itself but also thanks to special electronic circuits around them – this knob control virtual circuit which emulates behavior of circuits around vacuum tubes).

- Bass cut filter from 0 to 70 Hz to eliminate deepest subbass.

- Circuit / Tube temperature – in electronics higher temperature usually means more noise, because higher temperature means more movements of electrons. Noise is not always unwanted, little bit of analog noise can make signal more natural, more pleasant, less sharp and can eliminate sharp distortion.

- Tube age this special virtual emulation allows you to switch between 3 different types of tubes:
2001 – bright, modern and precise sounding tube,
1950 – old vintage tube with round transients and dark smooth sound,
1976 - vintage tube with silky round transients, trebles and crunchy sound.

Download demo version:https://eplex7.com/vintage-vacuum-tube-vd76-plugin-effect-vst/

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Vintage Vacuum Tube VD76

Reviewed By Faydit [all]
November 15th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Very good sounding, useful plugin (at least for me). Generally works with all audio sources or instruments, but I mainly use it as an additional gain and tone shaping stage in combination with electric guitars and (vintage) amp simulations.

You don not really get the huge amount of gain of a typical guitar tube amplifier preamp, but you get very convincing, authentically sounding, clean to slightly crunched tube tones, which work fine as additional tube booster in front of eg. an already good sounding Tweed, Vox or Plexi simulation. Bass also sounds great through this plugin, alone, but also in combination with eg. an Ampeg simulation the tone really improves - for my taste.

For more overdriven tones you can also cascade two or more of these units, which also seems to work very well.

Mixing triode and pentode character allows good control over even and odd harmonics. The tube simulations really sound - and also as important – behave and react very authentically to the input signal, in terms of attack and dynamics, which is not always taken for granted if compared to some other tube simulation plugins, I know. Here you get very tube typical tones and behavior and a very realistic harmonics reproduction.

Bass cut, circuit temperature and circuit power control allow good fine adjustment, as well as the three different, selectable tube types.

For me one of the most realistic sounding and reacting tube circuit simulations, I know. Good tones at a low, fair price, if compared with some other, similar products from competitors, which sonically did not convince me more, to be honest.

Nevertheless my personal wishes for maybe a future upgrade would be an additional treble cut, a mid-notch or even boost/cut with adjustable or some selectable frequencies between 250Hz and 2500Hz and also more gain or an additional gain boost option or alternatively a second, swichable triode stage.

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