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Unify (Standard Edition)

Unify (Standard Edition)
What is it?
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Can Host
UtilityStand-alone utility / application
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System Requirements
Windows 7 to Windows 10
System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.12 to 10.15 (Catalina)
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Voucher / Code for redemption on other website
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Unify (Standard Edition)

Unify v1.10.1 is now available with Apple Silicon support for AAX, New usability features and 2 new effects. New UPDATE as of May 20, 2023 includes fixes for compatibility with some VST3 plug-ins and more GuruEars added to every Macro Knob for even easier use (Click the ear, move a parameter in your plug-in, they're linked.).

Unify includes 640 Patches that showcase everything you need to make world class music productions in virtually any genre. There are 24 Paid libraries for Unify, 4 free libraries that include new samples and patches and over 80 Unified Libraries to play your favorite plug-ins factory patches from with-in the interface of Unify so you can easily stack, layer and split the patches from ALL your plug-ins to make new creative sounds that nobody else has.

Unify is the Ultimate playground for your plugins – Synthesizers, Audio Effects and MIDI Effect from virtually everybody can all be used in Unify thanks to it's flexible ability to load VST2, VST3 and on the Mac, Audio Unit plug-ins.

There really is nothing in the market that compares to Unify. We're very proud of what we have developed.

NOTE: Unified libraries are free support libraries that consist of the Factory Patches from over 80 plug-ins. You HAVE to own the plug-in for these libraries to be useful. Install the VST2 version into Unify or the VST3 if a VST2 is not included.

Plug-Ins Included with Unify (placed in their own Plug-In folder, away from your existing Plug-In folders):

MIDI Effect PlugIns:

  • MIDIBox (MIDI file Player that can play MIDI files polyphonically), BlueARP, RipChord Player, PolyBox, JitterBox, TriggerBox, MOrgan Perc, ComboBox, MIDI Monitor, MIDI Filter, CC Mapper, CC Sender, CC Rider.

Instrument Plug-Ins:

  • GuruSampler / OBxD / Dexed / Digits / mda DX10 (FM) / mda JX10 (Subtractive Analog) / Unify / Morgan (B3) / Soundfont Player.

Audio Effect Plug-Ins:

  • Digital Delays: Omega Delay / CHOW Matrix / Sample Delay / mda Delay / mda Dub Delay.
  • Distortion: NoizBox / Swanky Amp / CHOWTapeModel / mda Band Distortion / mda Degrade / mda Overdrive.
  • Dynamics: Enforcer / Pump House / LoudMax / Stereo Gain / mda Dynamics / mda Envelope / mda Limiter / mda MultiBand / mda Splitter.
  • EQ: Restrictor / FilterMax / FlexEQ / mda Loudness / mda RezFilter.
  • Modulation: Silky Chorus / PhaseMod / FlangeMod / MOrgan Cab / mda Detune / mda Image / mda Leslie / mda RingMod / mda RoundPan / mda Stereo / mda SubSynth / mda Transient / mda Tracker / mda Vocoder.
  • Reverb: WaterVerb / HallVerb / EmVerb / ZenVerb / mda Ambience / KlangFalter / Dragonfly ER / Dragonfly Room / Dragonfly Hall / Dragonfly Plate.
  • Utility: ComboBox (Nest unlimited MIDI Effects, Instruments, Audio Effects in a single layer), MIDI Monitor.

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Unify (Standard Edition)

Reviewed By Chipi [all]
September 11th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.10.2 on Windows

I recently purchased Unify. in my opinion it is very good, highly recommended for people who play the keyboard and need or want to mix presets of your favorite VST and add rhythms that vary by touching the knobs, so it brings dynamism to the bases, you can practically give a bolus only with this program if you learn to use it along with a controller keyboard.
It is also useful to design sounds and see how they have been made by the creators of Unify, who are musicians and have worked in Korg, Omnisphere, Serum, etc designing hardware, sound and it shows in the presets they take out of free VST that come included as the Dexed.
The program goes very well, I load 4 Roland Srx together and stays for half of resources and stable, if I use Sforzando does not even flinch with 8 layers.
In short, for me a good product, there are others similar but in the end I have chosen this one because I had nothing like this and I have seen it complete and affordable.
Very good sound library with sounds from classic to current, expandable and combinable, stable program, instruments and effects that brings, possibility of adding loops, songs, VST that you have either instruments or effects and more little things it offers. For 70 euros little more I could ask for, happy with the program.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version).

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Unify (Standard Edition)

Reviewed By tobiasnz [all]
June 28th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.10.1 on Mac

Unify is amazing.
I had been thinking about getting it for a while now, and took the plunge recently. It is so powerful and easy to use. It recognised all my plugins, and creating combinations of my favourites synths and effects as a single instrument is patch is so powerful.

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Unify (Standard Edition)

Reviewed By KenSg [all]
April 5th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Great set of patches by John L. & Bob D. Great Chants, Rock, Drums. Highly recommend for users of UNIFY.

If you don't have UNIFY, I suggest you get it at "Pluginguru.com". Unify uses less RAM than the virtual instruments you use with it. Easy to make great sounding patches with the included library & many more to add to it if you like.

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