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Voice Of Gaia - Francesca Genco

Voice Of Gaia - Francesca Genco Voice Of Gaia - Francesca Genco Voice Of Gaia - Francesca Genco
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3 GB RAM, 8 GB hard disk space, dual-core CPU or better, OS X 10.7 or higher.
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Voice Of Gaia - Francesca Genco

Voice Of Gaia: Francesca is an exotic female solo mezzo-soprano library featuring vocalist Francesca Genco. She specializes in fusions of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian vocal styles and modes, designed to be most ideal for soundtrack production. The library was recorded in a dry studio environment, using 2 microphone types. It covers chromatic true legato for Ah, Oo and Mm (hummed) sounds, plus Vowel sustains and staccatos (8x round-robin) with various vowel sounds and dynamics, each playable over 2+ octaves.

It also provides a collection of live performance phrase and groove clips in Bombastic, Melodic, Bright, Atonal/Discordant and Whispering categories, grouped by BPM and root key. The phrases can be directly triggered by MIDI key, or sequenced with the Phrase Sequencer panel, with 32 freely assignable steps, each with start/end timing and pitch adjustment, plus legato transitions, tempo-synching, time-stretching, pitch transposition and other control options. The FX page provides optional multi-effects, compression, EQ, amp/speaker simulation and convolution reverb with FX and room impulse selection menus:

  • 2 large diaphragm microphone types: omni or cardiod, with panning, mixing & loading for each channel.
  • Ah, Oo, Mm (Soft Humming) true legato.
  • Ah (piano), Ah (forte), Ee, Eh (piano), Eh (forte), Oh, Oo (piano), Oo (forte) Staccatos with 8 round-robin variations per note.
  • Ah (piano), Ah (mezzo-forte), Ah (forte), Ee, Eh/Ay, Mm (soft humming), Oh, Oo (piano), Oo (mezzo-forte) Sustains with sim-legato, infinite loop and natural release modes.
  • Auto-Panning mode for Sustains and Staccatos.
  • Nearly 1800 melodic phrases in the keys of A# - G#, with pitch transposition, pattern sequencing, legato blending, tempo-synching/time-stretching.
  • Live phrases in a variety of different styles, including Bombastic, Melodic, Bright, Discordant/Atonal and Whispers.
  • Step Sequencer with per-step start, release and pitch editing.
  • Vocal Ambiences, Atmospheres and pads created using Francescas's voice.
  • Vocal performance breaths and effects.
  • Swell control allows real-time dynamic performance shaping.
  • Multi-FX page with Chorus, Compression, Distortion, Amp and Cab simulation, EQ, Delay and Reverb.
  • Our Reverb rack unit includes 25 FX convolutions and 45 live rooms, studios, chambers, cathedrals, halls and other environments, with tone, size and mix controls.
  • Automatable GUI and key-switch controls.
  • Visual real-time wave-form display.

Price: $139:

  • 6.67 GB Installed.
  • 8327 Samples.
  • 39 Kontakt 5.1 .nki instrument presets.
  • 24-bit / 48kHz mono PCM wav format.
  • Open format to allow user customization.
  • Format (s): Kontakt 5.1 .nki and PCM .wav.
  • Click Here for the full PDF manual.

Click Here for MP3 Demos.

{See video at top of page}.

Watch the walk-through video with Spencer Nunamaker.

Watch the legato tutorial video with Spencer Nunamaker.

Watch the phrase tutorial video with Spencer Nunamaker.

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