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News Archive for February 2003

28th February 2003Green Oak's Crystal now available as an Audio Unit

28th February 2003Tiny God Heartburn v1.1 released

28th February 2003Edirol VSC-MP1 v1.01 released

28th February 2003VAZ Plus 2 (VSTi/DXi) and VAZ Modular v2.53 and VAZ 2010 v1.11 updates released

27th February 2003Vivaldi, Ganymed and Vivaldi MX available for download

27th February 2003MusicLab SlicyDrummer 2.0 and Fill-in Drummer 2.0 released

27th February 2003Plogue Bidule v0.5701 released

27th February 2003Emagic Logic 6.0 (MacOS/OS X) and 5.51 (Windows) released

27th February 2003AAS Tassman v3.02 released

23rd February 2003CutterMusic Revitar v1.01 released

22nd February 2003DashSynthesis price cuts and TraXmusic DashSynthesis overview

22nd February 2003Electronisounds CronoX2 REFILL 01 released

22nd February 2003Sonicreef Tsunami v1.5 released

22nd February 2003Psycle v1.71 released

20th February 2003AnaMark v2.11 released

19th February 2003Open Labs Announces the U.S. Public Release of the eKo and Opens Online Store.

19th February 2003Groovecube Exciton v1.2.1 released

18th February 2003CutterMusic releases Revitar v1.0 - VSTi guitar synth

18th February 2003Arturia Moog Modular V named and set for release

17th February 2003DiscoDSP Discovery v1.2 released

17th February 2003SwarPlug - Indian instruments VSTi - released

16th February 2003n-Track Studio v3.1.11 released

13th February 2003Muon/CM SR-202 v1.1 and DS-404 v1.1 released

13th February 2003The Generalized Music Plug-In Interface (GMPI) working group seeking input

13th February 2003Speedsoft VSampler v3.0 RC1 now available

12th February 2003i3 DSP-Quattro v1.02 released

12th February 2003Steinberg Model-E v1.1 and V-Stack v1.01 released

12th February 2003PowerFX dyad (SF2 Player) released

10th February 2003Green Oak Crystal v2.21 released

10th February 2003discoDSP Discovery v1.1 released

10th February 2003Anarchy SwarmSynth released

9th February 2003discoDSP Discovery v1.0 released

9th February 2003Plogue Bidule v0.5700 RC1 released

9th February 2003DashSynthesis daHornet/ComboSister DEMO versions updated & daAlfa2k v2.0 announced

8th February 2003FXpansion DR-008 Crossgrade Offer

7th February 2003New Delta III refill bank from Electronisounds

6th February 2003Groovecube Exciton v1.2 released

6th February 2003Competition : Win everything by Dash Synthesis!

5th February 2003Bismark bs-1 v2.0b1 and bs-16 v2.0b1 released

5th February 2003RSS/JavaScript News Feed now available

5th February 2003Expert Sleepers Crossfade Loop Synth v1.0 released

5th February 2003New skins and sound bank for z3ta+ by LlunaSol

4th February 2003Anarchy SwarmSynth screenshot and release date

3rd February 2003VSamp v3.3 released

2nd February 2003Big Tick Cheeze Machine v1.3.2 released (+ 2 new banks)

1st February 2003AAS Tassman v3.0 released

1st February 2003Console Sound Modular Studio v1.07 released

1st February 2003Cakewalk Sonar v2.2 released