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Plogue Bidule v0.5700 RC1 released


Plogue have updated Bidule to v0.5700 RC1, no news on the Plogue site yet but if you subscribe to their Yahoo group you can take part in the beta testing and find out the download location.
  • New Polyphonic Adapter to make polyphonic synths out of mono groups.
  • Some audio processing optimizations.
  • Now using single document interface (so that OS X and Windows versions look the same).
  • OS X Alpha tests started. (please be patient until Beta tests!).
  • New faster code to detect the selection of bidules.
  • Some OpenGL optimizations.
  • ASIO duplex devices now showing as 2 bidules in the patchbay.
  • MME and DirectSound duplex devices are now available.
  • Added a progress bar when loading sound files.
  • New VST/groups scanning mechanism (should always be up to date with what's on your HD).
  • VST errors now showing in the status bar.
  • Can now set the processing mode of a multiple-selected bidules.
New bidules:
  • Basic ADSR.
  • Trigger Clock.
  • MIDI Note Number to Param.
  • MIDI Note Velocity To Params.
  • MIDI To Sync (beta).
  • Stats about the driver and ASIO Control Panel now available when double-clicking on an Audio Device.
  • All Envelopes bidules now have an activity gate output.
  • Step Sequencer now exporting currently playing sequence on each channel as parameters.
  • Treating Note On and Note Off as two different message types in the MIDI Message Filter.
  • VST:
    • Better refresh.
    • Some VSTs crashing on initialisation.
    • Prevent VSTs from sending MIDI events outside of the current buffer.
    • Removed isPinConnected interface implementation.
    • Linking 2 parameters of the same VST.
  • P4 denormal with the Biquad Filter.
  • Possible division by 0 with the Biquad Filter.
  • Possible division by 0 with the Sync Extractor.
  • Possible stuck notes when using the MIDI Note Transpose.
  • Linked parameters not copied when cut and pasting a group.
  • Unlinking parameters sometimes made other links disappear from the list in the Parameter Pool GUI.
  • Sync link not being loaded correctly sometimes.
  • List of sync sources in the context menu showing more than it should.
  • Cut and pasting of bidules from inside a group to the outside sometimes causing weird connections.
  • VST plugins directory registry key is an empty value.
  • Specified Minimum sometimes not loading correctly for Parameter Modulator and Variable.
  • MIDI Note Creator sometimes not using the correct detune value on Note Off messages.
  • MIDI Note Extractor using a 1ms glide even when none was wanted.


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