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News Archive for July 2003

31st July 2003BuzZer updated to v0.1.2

31st July 2003Bioroid Turntablist Pro v1.01 released

31st July 2003LiveSynth Pro updated to v1.4.1

28th July 2003Manyetas Ritmo updated to v1.03

28th July 2003PSOFT Void Modular System v1.01 released

27th July 2003energyXT v1.2 released

27th July 2003FL Studio updated to v4.12

27th July 2003Big Tick Angelina v1.3 released

27th July 2003ConcreteFX Ethereal updated to v2.2

27th July 2003Dash daAlfa2k updated to v2.14

27th July 2003Jeskola XS-1 beta available

25th July 2003Native Instruments Kompakt released

25th July 2003FX Teleport updated to v1.01

25th July 2003BitHeadz Unity v3.2 released

25th July 2003Vokator demo released

25th July 2003BuzZer v0.1 released

25th July 2003Green Oak Crystal v2.4 released

23rd July 2003Synapse Hydra updated to v1.1

23rd July 2003Yellow Tools Candy information

23rd July 2003Dash Signature daAlfa2k v2.1 released

22nd July 2003Muon Tau Bassline mk2 released

22nd July 20034Front Bass Module v1.0 released

21st July 2003FX Teleport released

21st July 2003Askywhale Osc321 and mp3play released

21st July 2003Steinberg Nuendo updated to v2.01

21st July 2003Plogue Bidule v0.6000 released

18th July 2003Cakewalk VST Adapter updated to v4.3.1

18th July 2003Cakewalk Project 5 updated to v1.01

17th July 2003Tracktion v1.4.0.22 released

17th July 2003AAS Lounge Lizard EP-2 released

17th July 2003Devine Machine updated to v1.1

15th July 2003AudioMulch v0.9 beta 13 Released

15th July 2003NI B4 for OS X released

14th July 2003LinPlug RM IV released

14th July 2003Novation V-Station v1.11 released

14th July 2003IK Multimedia [officially] unveils SampleTank2

14th July 2003Jeskola XS-1 R6 released

13th July 2003ConcreteFX Industry 2 released

13th July 2003rgc:audio Pentagon I v1.3 released

13th July 2003Muzys updated to v3.14

13th July 2003Novation Bass Station announced

11th July 2003Novation V-Station updated to v1.1

9th July 2003M-Tron updated to v4.5 (Windows version)

9th July 2003Synapse Hydra (Formerly Junglist), Scorpion 4 and Plucked String 4 released!

9th July 2003New banks for Albino, Battery and Neon

9th July 2003New banks for Beast, Claw, Oddity and Pentagon I

9th July 2003Steinberg Xphraze (Mac) demo version available

6th July 2003BeatBurner VSTi released

6th July 2003MHC Voxynth updated to v1.5

6th July 2003GMedia M-Tron & Oddity AudioUnits available

4th July 2003New banks for D'Cota, V-Station, z3ta+

4th July 2003Console v1.2.0 beta released

4th July 2003Bitshift Audio pHATmatik PRO v1.1 now shipping in a box

3rd July 2003Steinberg Xphraze demo version available

3rd July 2003VirSyn Cube updated to v1.01

3rd July 2003MOTU Digital Performer updated to v4.01

3rd July 2003FL Studio XXL available

1st July 2003Edirol HyperCanvas & SuperQuartet updated