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News Archive for October 2002

31st October 2002Synapse Junglist for OS X released

31st October 2002Bojo Impulse v3.0 released

31st October 2002CM/Muon SR-202 v1.01D released

31st October 2002LRsynths Trionimox v1.0 released

31st October 2002DirtBag v1.3 released

31st October 2002CyberFREE v1.0 released

31st October 2002Synth 1 v1.04 VSTi & DXi released

31st October 2002Blueshock Tsunami v1.06 released

31st October 2002New Battery Drum Kit

30th October 2002Chris Huelsbeck MicroSynt v1.01 released

29th October 2002ArGuru Aodix beta released

29th October 2002New banks for Absynth, Battery, Slayer and MonoPoly 16

28th October 2002Bitshift Audio pHATmatik FREE AU & Carbon VST released

28th October 2002Blueshock Tsunami VSTi for MacOS released (Windows version updated)

28th October 2002VSamp for AU and Carbon VST announced

28th October 2002FASoft n-Track Studio v3.1.8 released

28th October 2002AA Airy Synth released (Audio Unit)

27th October 2002Borogove Heartburn v0.8 Beta Demo released

26th October 2002Steinberg V-Stack - Virtual Instrument Rack for VST System Link announced

26th October 2002SF-Play SoundFont Player released

26th October 2002Chris Huelsbeck releases MicroSynt

24th October 2002Tobybear SickSynth v0.75 & QuicKeys v0.8 released

24th October 2002SynthEdit preliminary SDK released

23rd October 2002WNM-1 (Weird Noise Machine) beta released

23rd October 2002The Demon Machine demo released

23rd October 2002Tobybear SickSynth updated

23rd October 2002Steinberg HALion v1.13 released

23rd October 2002Fontaminator hybrid SoundFont player/simple FM synth beta 3 released

23rd October 2002Cakewalk Sonar v2.1 released

23rd October 2002MHC release Fatsondo v1.0, Voxynth v1.0 & Space Synth v1.3

23rd October 2002reFX PlastiCZ v1.02 released

23rd October 2002Antares release 10 new wavetables for Kantos

21st October 2002JA Massiva v1.12 released

21st October 2002Plogue Bidule v0.5600 released

21st October 2002PCAudioLabs releases Cubase SX Video Manual & Tutorial CD-ROM Set

19th October 2002VSampler 3.0 Beta 2 released

19th October 2002K-v-R Competition Frenzy!

17th October 2002reFX Claw officially released [Updated from previous v1.0]

17th October 2002Native Instruments Absynth v1.3.4 released

17th October 2002Chainer has been updated to v1.03

17th October 2002DashSynthesis - daBasslineOne - New Reaktor synth by JKnocker

17th October 2002JC Spook Organ released

17th October 2002Bitheadz Unity Session v3.05 released

16th October 2002reFX updates [Slayer v1.51, QuadraSID v1.41] + Both are now available as OS X VSTis

16th October 2002reFX updates [Beast v1.01, JunoX v1.51, PlastiCZ v1.01] + All are now available as OS X VSTis

16th October 2002Jeskola XS-1 VSTi/Buzz sampler updated to v2.0

16th October 2002Tobybear Four Seasons released and Sick Synth updated

16th October 2002Skale Tracker v0.71 released

16th October 2002Electronisounds CronoX presets half price

15th October 2002Spectrasonics Atmosphere Demos page is Live!

14th October 2002Tobybear Deconstructor v1.5d released

14th October 2002MultitrackStudio v2.11 released

14th October 2002New banks uploaded!

13th October 2002KVR Members Area Open

13th October 2002DashSynthesis release Formantik(SynC) & Generative(Tassman)

11th October 2002FXpansion VST-DX Adapter v4.1 released

11th October 2002JA Machine II v1.3 released

11th October 2002Time+Space to distribute Bitshift Audio product range

10th October 2002Native Instruments Pro-53 demo (MacOS and Windows) released

10th October 2002Elogoxa VSTis updated

10th October 2002Emagic Logic Platinum 5.4 for Mac OS X released (Audio Units Support)

8th October 2002Spectrasonics announces comprehensive support for Audio Units and all Mac OSX platforms at AES

8th October 2002Massiva v1.11 released

8th October 2002FASoft n-Track Studio v3.1.7 released

8th October 2002Synapse Orion Platinum v3.5 released

8th October 2002Synapse Junglist VSTi for MacOS released

7th October 2002Yellow Tools Culture and Majestic info

7th October 2002Native Instruments announces Reaktor Electronic Instruments Vol. 1

5th October 2002STL VAZ Modular v2.5 (VSTi/DXi/Stand-alone) released

5th October 2002Image Line SimSynth Live VSTi & DXi released

5th October 2002Borogove Heartburn v0.64 released

5th October 2002XS Corp Delta SP v1.1.0 released

4th October 2002Elogoxa Cosmo Girl II v1.01 released

4th October 2002AudioMulch 0.9b10 patch 1 now available

4th October 2002!j development FREE VSTi synths back online

3rd October 2002Xlutop Chainer v1.02 released

3rd October 2002Massiva v1.1 released

3rd October 2002Borogove Heartburn v0.5 alpha released

2nd October 2002New online search engine for SampleTank sounds

2nd October 2002DashSynthesis Reaktor & Tassman synths

1st October 2002Synapse Scorpion v3.1 released (Inc. DXi)

1st October 2002Native Instruments Pro-53 updates available for download

1st October 2002DashSounds VirSyn Tera Patches released

1st October 2002Win Stylus @ Time + Space

1st October 2002Xlutop Chainer v1.01 released

1st October 2002Land of Cockaigne VSTis updated