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News Archive for November 2002

30th November 2002rgc:Audio z3ta+ v1.0 released

30th November 2002VSamp Carbon VST v3.3 beta 2 released

30th November 2002Fresh sounds for PPG Wave 2.V by Alessandro Cardinale

30th November 2002Muzys v2.43 released

30th November 2002Holiday Special from Applied Acoustics Systems

30th November 2002DashVacation promo - Max price 9.95U$

28th November 2002Two new banks for Synth 1 uploaded

28th November 2002Steinberg Cubase SX/SL v1.05 for OS X released

27th November 2002VSamp AU and Carbon VST beta versions released

27th November 2002SynthTest v1.1 released

27th November 2002Outsim Synthmaker v0.6.1 released

27th November 2002Steinberg Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition now shipping

26th November 2002Rumpelrausch Täips ZR-1 v2.8, ZR-3 v1.3 and Crazy Diamonds v1.9 released

26th November 2002DSound RT Player Pro v2.1 and RT Player Lite for Amplitube released

26th November 2002Get IK Multimedia Axe & Trance Grid for free

25th November 2002SynthMaker SA v0.6 released (Now with Save As VST)

23rd November 2002Synapse Orion Platinum v3.7 released

23rd November 2002FASoft n-Track Studio v3.1.9 released

23rd November 2002SoundZone.info : Free Kontakt, Battery & LM-4 banks/patches

23rd November 20028 New presets for Lounge Lizard uploaded

22nd November 2002IK Multimedia launches new SampleTank LE sound modules: Axé and Trance Grid

22nd November 2002Dash Synthesis daAlfa2k v1.28b released

22nd November 2002CONSOLE v1.04 released

22nd November 2002Muzys v2.42 released

22nd November 2002Bitshift Audio pHATmatik FREE v1.2.1 AU released

22nd November 2002Rax v0.31b released

22nd November 2002New book: "Cubase SX Complete" now shipping

22nd November 2002Emagic Logic v5.5 and EXS24 MKII released

21st November 2002Console Sound Modular Studio v1.03 English version available

21st November 2002Steinberg V-Stack now shipping

20th November 2002New banks for Synth 1, Dreamstation & Lounge Lizard

19th November 2002VirSyn Tera v1.2 released

19th November 2002Steinberg HALion String Edition Vol. 1 announced

19th November 2002Native Instruments presents Absynth Sounds Vol. 1 - SONIC EXPANSION

19th November 2002Tiny God Heartburn v0.87 released

19th November 2002Dash Synthesis daAlfa2k v1.28 released

17th November 2002Synth 1 v1.05a released

16th November 2002Tiny God Heartburn v0.86 released

15th November 2002Muzys v2.4 released

15th November 2002Kontakt Kompetition Winners

15th November 2002Tiny God Heartburn v0.85 released

15th November 2002Spectrasonics Atmosphere Dream Synth Module is now shipping

14th November 2002Raw Material Tracktion released

14th November 2002Dash Synthesis daAlfa2k v1.2 released

14th November 2002BuzzVST v0.1 released

13th November 2002Waldorf Attack v1.2 and PPG Wave 2.V v1.2 for Win/MacOS & OS X released

13th November 2002PSP competition winners!

13th November 2002Crystal 2 free with CM 54

13th November 2002Sonic Reality introduces Sonic Station, multi-format sample library and universal wave bank

12th November 2002Steinberg announce Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition

12th November 2002Outsim SynthmakerSA v0.5.2 released

12th November 2002SuperCamelPhat Competition Winners

12th November 2002New bank uploaded for reFX PlastiCZ

12th November 2002Dash Synthesis daAlfa2k VSTi released

11th November 2002Rumpelrausch Täips ZR-3 v1.2, ZR-1 v2.7, Crazy Diamonds v1.8 released

11th November 2002AirySynth v1.11 released

11th November 2002Tobybear Borderliner v1.2 released

10th November 2002New banks for Absynth and Junox² uploaded

10th November 2002Spectrasonics Atmosphere almost here!

10th November 2002Yellow Tools Candy & Heartbeat announced

10th November 2002Massiva v1.13 released

10th November 2002Renoise v1.2 beta released

10th November 2002Synth 1 v1.04a released

9th November 2002AirySynth v1.1 released

6th November 2002GMEDIA Music's Oddity VSTi announced

6th November 2002Arguru Aodix v3.0.0.5 released

6th November 2002Native Instruments presents Reaktor 3 + Electronic Instruments Vol. 1

6th November 2002Antares Kantos v1.01 released

6th November 2002Steinberg Cubase SL for Mac OS X now shipping

6th November 2002Blueshock Tsunami v1.07 released

6th November 2002Synapse Orion Platinum v3.54 released

5th November 2002Final Day for SuperCamelPhat and Kontakt Competitions.

4th November 2002Rumpelrausch Täips ZR-3 v1.2 source code released

2nd November 2002Synapse Plucked String DXi released

2nd November 2002MellowSound mini MelloTron module released

1st November 2002LinPlug daOrgan 2.0 now available for Mac OS X

1st November 2002New Synth1 bank

1st November 2002Rax v0.2 "Live Audio Unit hosting in a virtual rack" released

1st November 2002Metro 6 pre-release demo released