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Adobe updates Audition CS6 to v5.0.1


Adobe has updated Audition CS6 to version 5.0.1, which addresses several bugs. Many were minor workflow issues, but a few could cause Audition to crash under certain circumstances.

Bugs fixed in Adobe Audition CS6 5.0.1 update:

  • APE files with metadata inserted by other editors cause Audition to crash (Windows).
  • If previous session directory no longer exists, Audition leaves the Folder Location field empty.
  • Multitrack fades no longer respect the fade type preference. (Worked in CS5.5).
  • Audition may crash when users choose to create unique copies of selected MT regions.
  • Playback stutters when creating a unique copy of a clip while right-click dragging.
  • Channel Mix settings not honored on export when not exposed in dialog.
  • EUCON Soft Key set contains keys that do nothing.
  • Session Tempo broken on systems using commas instead of decimal points.
  • Bounce to New Track > Selected Track bounces AFTER passing through track output.
  • If a favorite was recorded on subset of channels, the favorite will fail if those channels are disabled.
  • Sending a stereo bus side-chained to a mono track may crash the application.
  • UAD-2 plug-ins missing from Windows Effects menu.
  • Audition may crash on launch when CoolType encounters certain installed fonts (Mac).


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