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Advanced Soundware releases Realize Orchestral Brass

Advanced Soundware

Advanced Soundware has released its Orchestral Brass series for Realize, a software tool that analyzes the tracks in a MIDI file and generates lifelike performances that are delivered as multitrack audio recordings.

The Orchestral Brass series is powered by a library of over 100,000 phrases recorded individually but in-situ by a 13-piece brass ensemble. Those phrases are used as the source material to render the performances that make up the multitrack recording delivered by the software.

Think of Realize as a studio orchestra waiting to perform your piece. You hand your score to the conductor, he disseminates the parts to each musician, they record a take for you, then the engineer hands you the multitrack master. But because the whole process is virtual, you can re-generate any of the rendered notes for any of the instruments in the ensemble if you hear something that doesn't fit your vision for the piece. You can also tweak the duration, envelope, tuning, and other properties of any given note in the recording after the fact.

Realize is designed to eliminate the need for composers to memorize patch lists, insert program changes, perform key-switches, or split their music across multiple MIDI tracks for each instrument in the orchestra. Instead, the MIDI data (Note On/Off, Velocity, and Expression) are analyzed and the most suitable recorded phrases from the library are adapted to fit the music. Once the performance has been rendered, the user can re-shape the audio of any given note or re-generate it entirely from a list of alternative source samples.

The Orchestral Brass series is the first set of instrument libraries published for Realize. Advanced Soundware plans to follow up with Woodwinds and then Strings to complete the orchestra.

The Orchestral Brass Bundle is available for $999, a 40% saving on purchasing individual sections. Individual sections are available to purchase separately from $249 to $299. Full pricing details are available at the Advanced Soundware website.

Listen to Realize Orchestral Brass audio demos: SoundCloud.com/advanced-soundware/sets/realize-orchestral-brass-audio




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