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Akai Pro updates iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone to v2.0.2


Akai Pro has released a new update for their recently released iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone (also available for iPad separately).

This is a free update for all owners of iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone via the Apple App Store.

New Features:

  • Users can seek in Timeline and Tracks view by tapping the ruler. One tap sets the restart point. Drag for fine adjustment. Tap stop while already stopped to reset it, or simply tap on the left-side of the ruler.
  • Fix Track (time correct) now has an Undo.
  • Basic Files support so you can transfer sounds and sessions without involving your computer.
  • Warn and clear pad when a user tries to load a malformed WAV file.
  • When tabbing between categories in the sound browser, you can actively clear search (it used to stay on but it wasn't clear to the user).
  • Demo Session/My Projects tab stays in sync.
  • AudioPaste in Tracks view now pastes onto the track whose timeline is tapped, not the selected track.
  • More efficient InterApp and AudioUnits.


  • Fix Track (time correct) now works on AudioUnit tracks.
  • Fix buzzing/crashing bug when overdubbing Flux Link.
  • Fix mix-to-mono-R bug fixed.
  • AudioPasting a large sound into an Audio Track is now more stable.
  • Ableton Link audio track desync issue has been resolved.
  • AUv3 plugins properly bounce offline (this caused gaps in audio when bouncing AUv3s which streamed audio off the drive).
  • Fix mismatched pad colors when loading a program that has mute group information while in Tweak view.
  • InterApp FX work on iPhones which do not have headphone jacks (48kHz-native audio device bug).
  • You can now delete the entire sound in sound editor.
  • Adding a new track properly resets Mute and Solo settings. Fixed update bug with Mute and Solo in Tracks view. Fix Mute and Solo bug when deleting tracks out of the middle.
  • Fix bug in which all AUv3 parameters would appear in Timeline>Params if one automation lane was added.
  • Fix bug in which sometimes the first slice of a sound in Chop or Slice mode was not selectable.
  • Fix buzzing in sound editor in Slice mode after certain edits were made in Chop mode.
  • Fix MIDI learn crash when navigating from page to page.
  • Audio track general stability and fixed visual bugs.
  • Sequencer note selection more visually consistent (notes did not turn blue upon select all).
  • Fix sync bug with audio tracks and Ableton Link.
  • Fix disappearing Ableton Link dialog after a bounce.
  • Fixed bug where deleting a user program could delete the wrong program.
  • Fix waveform stretching visual bug for Audio Tracks.
  • Fixed mis-slicing bug in chop/slice audio editing when set to auto and when combined with trim.
  • Current MIDI learn mapping clears when turning MPC Mode on.
  • Fixed MPC Desktop gain (it was too loud), and fixed MPC Desktop exporting per-pad settings on projects with multiple tracks.
  • Better handling of Unicode in file names (fixes crashes).
  • InterApp working better on 48kHz devices. AudioUnits at correct pitch on 48kHz devices.
  • Fix bug where Audio Track parameter automation could be erroneously cleared.
  • Fix layout issue when backing out of "e-mail support".


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