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Andrew Macaulay releases 11 new modules for Voltage Modular

Andrew Macaulay

Andrew Macaulay has released new modules for Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular.

This release includes eleven brand new modules, as well as significant updates to five existing modules, taking the total number of Andrew Macaulay's Modules for Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular up to to 47.

All modules can be purchased individually, in one of five Collections or or all together in Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle. The eleven new modules are:

  • Envelopes and LFO Collection: a Korg MS-20 inspired ENV-20 EG2 Envelope Generator, an EMS VCS/Synthi-inspired Trapezoid Envelope and VCA, a Sample/Track & Hold and a flexible voltage-controlled Slew Processor;
  • Sequencing and Ratcheting Collection (formerly the Ratcheting Collection): a Voltage-Controlled Ratchet and a 1-256 step voltage-controlled Step Generator;
  • Gates and Triggers Collection: a Clock Multiplier/Divider and the Legato Processor for keyboard and sequencer use;
  • Switches and Mixers Collection: a voltage-controlled Stereo/Mid-Side Processor and the Voltage-Controlled Matrix Switch (8x8 with ganged switching); and.
  • General Utilities Collection: the Pitch CV Modifier for gated pitch CV transposition and inversion.

All these new modules and enhancement are provided free for existing users – the next time you use Voltage Modular they will be downloaded, or you will be notified of them. Full details of the changes in this release are available here.

For new users, Andrew Macaulay's Modules for Voltage Modular can be purchased in the Cherry Audio store, with all current modules priced between $10 and $15, the individual Collections are now priced between $20 and $25 and the Ultimate Bundle (including all five current bundles) is now priced at $55 for all of the 47 modules, nearly 90% discount compared with the individual modules. There is also attractive upgrade pricing from collections to the Ultimate Bundle and from individual modules to their relevant Collection.

The collections also offer a 10 day trial if you want to have a more detailed look at the modules, and full online and downloadable help for all of the modules is available here.

As a special Release 4 launch price, the Ultimate Bundle will initially be priced at $39 and the five separate Collections at $15 each.



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