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Andrew Macaulay Modules for Cherry Audio Voltage Modular updated to Release 2 - Six New Modules & Updates

Andrew Macaulay

Following the launch of Andrew Macaulay's Modules for Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular, Andrew has released a significant update (Release 2) to the collection of modules, with a total of six brand new modules (in addition to the 2 additional modules in R1), enhancements across many modules, enhanced help pages and more tutorial presets. These are available now, and have been made available to existing users free of charge.

The collection has now grown to include a total of 31 modules, including the two free Notes blank panel modules, and can be purchased individually or through the following five collections (currently priced at an Early Bird price of $10.00 each):

Andrew Macaulay's Gate and Trigger Collection comprising a Clock Generator, Clock to CV to Clock module, CV to Gate module, Gate Length Processor (Re-Gater), Gate to Trigger processing, dual-channel Gated Signals and a Trigger Delay module - with the New Trigger Sync and Toggle module.

Andrew Macaulay's General Utility Collection comprising a Dual Voltmeter, Dual Counter, Tempo Display, Pitch Transpose module, Micro Maths module, Probability Generator, quad Manual Triggers module and Signal Splitter Micro module - with the New Dual VCA and Inverter module, New Micro-Meters module, New Micro-Status (8-port) module and New Micro-Switch (8-port) module.

Andrew Macaulay's Ratcheting Collection comprising the comprehensive and flexible 1 to 8 step Pattern Ratcheter and the tiny but well-formed 2/3/4/5/6/8 step Micro Ratcheter.

Andrew Macaulay's Envelope Collection comprising a highly flexible Voltage-Controlled Envelope with delays and looping and the tiny-form factor Micro Envelope module - with the New Micro-Envelope VCA module.

Andrew Macaulay's Switches and Mixers comprising the Matrix Mixer (6x6), a 12-input flexible grouping Micro MixBus and a flexible 8-to-1 Voltage-Controlled Switch - with the New Matrix-Switch module (8x8).

All 31 of these modules are all available in the super-bundle Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Collection for the Early Bird price of only $30.00.

The reduced "Early Bird" pricing has been retained for now, although prices will be going up to their standard prices at some point during April.

Users of Voltage Modular can purchases these collections and modules through the Cherry Audio Store. 7-day trials are also available.



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