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Attila M. Magyar updates JS80P to v2.4.0 for Linux and Windows (Free, VST2, VST3)

Attila M. Magyar

Attila M. Magyar has announced the release of version 2.4.0 of JS80P, a MIDI driven, performance oriented, versatile, free and open source synthesizer VST plugin for Linux and Windows.

JS80P comes with two oscillators (and a sub-harmonic sine), and a lot of filters, effects, envelopes, LFOs, and powerful macros to shape your sound with subtractive, additive, FM, PM, and AM synthesis, complete with polyphonic, monophonic, and split keyboard modes.

With the 2.4.0 version, its long list of features and expressivity options is now extended with the possibility to emulate various imperfections of analog synthesizers, in order to add a warm and alive feeling to the sound, which can be adjusted to be super subtle or can be pushed to the extremes. The imperfections of the oscillators within a single voice can optionally be synchronized with each other so that their effect will only occur between polyphonic voices, but not between the oscillators within a single voice.

The new version also supports ODDSound's MTS-ESP tuning standard, which makes it possible to use custom tunings, to make microtonal music, to switch tunings on the fly, and a lot more. The two oscillators can be configured independently from each other, allowing maximum flexibility; for example, you can have continuously updated tuning for one oscillator, and have the other update its frequency tables only for Note On events.

Other changes in the new version include 3 new presets, and a typo correction on the Envelopes tab.



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