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Audio Vitamins releases Structure - Gain-staging workflow tool

Audio Vitamins

Audio Vitamins has released Structure, a new gain-staging workflow tool that is designed to help a user set correct levels on tracks, without having to adjust the fader or apply any gain plug-ins. Structure also has a master setting to allow enough headroom on the Master Out for any mastering plugins to effectively work and to prevent any clipping.

Structure has been designed to not only be the first plugin inserted but it can also be used as the last and has been developed with an 'ALL' button so that the user can make changes to plug-in settings across the mix and easily reanalyse all instances of Structure without having to open up every instance of the plugin. For the mix engineer working with Structure, as the first insert in the chain, key areas of focus are intended to become recognizable.

Using EBU128 level algorithms, Structure is designed to analyze audio and set it at a level that not only gives everything a good balance to hear, where the track needs work, but also gives headroom on the master output channel to allow for proper mastering to take place. It also allows for small fader movements around 0dB for the sometimes subtle +/-2dB 'riding of the fader' which cannot be achieved if the fader is pulled down to -10 or below.

Price: $25 - There is a 14 day demo from their website.




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