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Audio Vitamins releases MSg - Mid/Side Processing Host

Audio Vitamins

Audio Vitamins has released MSg, a new plug-in / host which takes inspiration from the Fairchild 670's Lat/Vert mode and the ever increasing popularity of mixing in Mid/Side, allowing you to load any plugin and process it using this technique, but with more control than just applying an encode and decode plugin either side or a complicated routing matrix.

With independent input and output gains, on both the mid and side channels, you can drive the level of the sides going into a vintage modelled compressor or EQ to achieve the pleasing distortion that the plugin imparts, then with an output gain level reduce the level back down to the fit it back in the mix or create a blend between original and processed with independent wet/dry controls.

With MSg you now have an increased creative palate available, you can take a vintage EQ and use its famous musical curves to sculpt the sound, without the need to use another more surgical plugin to pull down the frequencies around the vocal to give it space. You now have the ability to create a more natural sense of depth in a more natural sounding 3 dimensional space, using your favourite reverb like never before. Use a transient shaper to create wrap around effects with drums and other highly percussive or quick attack instruments, e.g. pianos, clean and acoustic guitars.

MSg allows you to impart the characteristics of some famous modelled gear at the mastering stage, in mid-side mode, giving the mix extra character that was only available before to selected plugins or those who knew the routing and bussing required to setup this technique.


  • Independent input and output gain on mid and side channels.
  • Wet/Dry control on mid and side channels.
  • Internal delay compensation engine.
  • Low CPU and memory usage.
  • Recallable setups as presets, including 3rd party plugin parameter settings.
  • Ability to load AU and VST plugins into Pro Tools 10,11 and 12.
  • Pro Tools AAX only on MAC. Windows Version coming soon.

Price: £30 / $45 / €40.





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