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Audiofile Engineering updates Wave Editor to v1.4.5

Aurchitect Audio Software

Audiofile Engineering has updated Wave Editor to v1.4.5.


  • Preferences > General > Processing: Use dither (will add the appropriate Type II dither to any processing or writing).
  • Cue labels (for Flash).
  • Support for cue point XML files for the Flash Video Encoder.
  • Native support for Wave64 files.
  • Background analysis (Leopard only).
  • Chapter labels (for Podcasts).
  • Export > Podcast.
  • Import support for voXover files.
  • Enhanced Support > Screencasts.
  • Support > Release Notes changed to Support > Versions.
  • Hold down 's' key during start up to skip effect validation.
  • Hold down 'v' key at startup to re-validate all effects.
  • Labels display options (Options... button in Labels drawer, View > Options > Labels..., new layer display method: Current Layer).
  • Properties import/export support for AAC, Apple Lossless and Podcasts (uses iTunes property set).
  • Waveform selection contextual menus > Add Fade.
  • Layer table contextual menus > Add Effect.
  • Background color (replaces background brightness, overview draws using background color).
  • Manual does not hide when app goes in background.
  • Added a cancel button to the "paste multiple items" alert panel.
  • Small improvements to the Keyboard Shortcuts panel behaviour.
  • Small improvements to the Generator/Recorder/Meters panel behavior.
  • Improved the Generator GUI.
  • Improved the label well GUI.
  • Small improvements to the selection area GUI.
  • Time units are configurable in the Open panel.
  • Added Logarithmic fades.
  • "CPU Load" item in Information Bar.
  • Information bar items can optionally show labels and units where applicable via contextual menu.
  • Preferences > General > Playback: Front Document Only which can conserve CPU load when many documents open.
  • More permissive in opening files that are damaged.
  • Audio File First Aid: drag & drop files.
  • Audio File First Aid: "Open in Wave Editor".
  • Audio File First Aid: repair is done in the background for long files.
  • Audio File First Aid: progress "curtain" will block out further input without blocking the rest of the app.
  • Audio File First Aid: an added treatment for dealing with incorrect IFF chunk pads.
  • Undo is now faster.
  • More Extend Selection To... commands in Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Preferences > Document > Display > Waveform Animation option.
  • Improved loading files with content in the Master Layer into new or existing documents.
  • Audio File First Aid: fixed an issue writing analysis when it shouldn't have been.
  • Audio File First Aid: fixed an issue fixing one file of split files with unrecognized chunks.
  • Numerous bug fixes.


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