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Best Service releases "Halls Of Fame 3 - Complete Edition" - 13 legendary reverbs

Best Service

Best Service has released Halls Of Fame 3 - Complete Edition. It combines the authentic sound of 13 vintage hardware reverbs with the modern editing possibilities of a software plug-in.

Whether you are looking for spring, plate or algorithmic reverbs, Halls Of Fame 3 is designed to have you covered with one professional, easy-to-use convolution reverb plugin.

Recorded in stereo and "true stereo" with premium recorders, Halls Of Fame 3 brings the sound of vintage reverb units into a studio. The complete edition includes all original presets of the following units:

Digital Legends:

  • Lex 96L (2002).
  • Lex 96 (2007).
  • T600C (1998).
  • Bric M7 (2007).
  • R 880 (1988).
  • QRS 2496 (1997).
  • Even T 2016 (1983 / 2006) Reverb.

Vintage Legends:

  • EMT 240 (1974).
  • EMT 250 (1976).
  • Lex 224 (1978).
  • Lex 300 (1998).
  • Lex 480 (1987).
  • AKG BX 20 (1965).

The GUI offers direct access to the important parameters, required to adjust the reverb to a user's taste. Furthermore all parameters can be entirely automated in real-time – even start and end points. Due to its comprehensive tweaking possibilities, Halls Of Fame 3 exceeds the sonic capabilities of its vintage predecessors.

Alongside other techniques, Best Service mostly recorded in True Stereo HDIR (High Definition Impulse Responses) in 96kHz resolution, 32-bit floating point wave format. High-End "PrismSound" ADA-8XR converters and "StraigtWire" audio cables also contributed to a pure, crystal clear quality.

Features Overview:

  • 13 legendary hardware reverbs of the last 50 years combined in one plugin.
  • Recorded in stereo and "true stereo" with premium recorders.
  • Authentic sound due to high quality impulse responses.
  • Intuitive GUI with direct access to all important parameters.
  • Over 1.500 Presets.

Beside the Complete Edition, all included Reverb Units are available as single plug-ins as well as combined into a "Digital Legends" and a "Vintage Legends" bundle.

Also available is Halls of Fame 3 - free Edition which gives access to a selection of presets from all 13 hardware reverbs included in the Complete Edition.




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