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Best Service
+49 (0)89 45228920 / mail@bestservice.de
account.bestservice.com / support hotline +49 (0)89 4522892-22 (Eng or Ger) / support@bestservice.de
Best Service GmbH, Manzingerweg 9, 81241 München, Germany

Best Service, founded 1986 as a pioneer in the upcoming sampling market is a Munich based Company, committed to providing the best virtual instruments and sound library experience possible, covering an exceptional range of inspiring tools for musicians.

Products by Best Service

EngineSampler / WorkStation
by Best Service
MyKVRIncluded with Best Service compatible libraries
Engine PlayerSampler / WorkStation
by Best Service
MyKVRIncluded with Best Service compatible libraries

Latest reviews of Best Service products

The Score

Reviewed By zisser [all]
October 29th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Best Service and Sonuscore always deliver!
This library really makes it easy to create musical stories for cinema, game and trailer.
There are many useful sound design and composing tools included as well as inter-communication between instances to transmit the chord progression. In addition you can drag&drop the chords and melodies.

Here is my review and demo:


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The Orchestra Essentials

Reviewed By fotisandstuff [all]
September 16th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

One of the best "starter pack" orchestras for composers on a budget. Works with Kontakt Player, too! The Orchestrator (similar to the one in EastWest Opus, which was also co-developed by SonuScore) is the icing on the cake and gives you a nice starting point for sketching ideas. Clean and intuitive interface, interesting presets, and the sounds themselves are pretty good and "rawer" than your standard Hollywood-like libraries, giving you more space for experimentation.

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The Orchestra Essentials

Reviewed By qsource [all]
June 20th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac

Sonuscore did a fine job of sampling the orchestral sounds for this VI. The Kontakt interface is interesting and fairly basic. I was able to set up some sketch-style ensembles for composition. They might even be passable for certain kinds of background recordings.

Unfortunately, the arpeggiator has not impressed me so far. It seems to have very limited features and almost no randomization options -- not as mature as several other orchestral hybrid VIs among my sound libraries.

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Real Handpan

Reviewed By Ambientmusic [all]
March 16th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

very authentic feel, great percussive sounds, I'm still discovering all the possibilities. The various sound banks complement each other well, keysitch function works fine, but its easier to open two or three instruments with different soundsbanks simultaneously.

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Halls of Fame 3 - Free

Reviewed By Mark Wilkins [all]
January 28th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

It is a pretty good convolution reverb which doesn't eat up as many of your resources as say Inspirata I do wish that you could import and use third party Impulse Responses like Convology XT or the Melda one which I can't remember right now.

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Desert Winds

Reviewed By hoegerf [all]
December 17th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0? on Mac

Good Sounds in a terrible engine.

If this library was a Kontakt-App with NKS, it might be acceptable for the price, but unfortunately Bestservice does not focus enough for best engines. Even on a classic iMac 2017 configuration (bigSur/Intel) the Engine does not provide an acceptable and readable surface scale, sliders and knobs do not run liquid, the usability is unusual and strange, my Komplete S61-Keyboard, same age as the library is not shown in standalone-mode, only as plugin.

The library is only an extract of "Ancient Era-Persia", the price is, comparing to the content & performance, far too expensive. The solo instruments are partly good, flutes are not convincing, but Duduk is a good Adaption.
Nevertheless, the Ambiences are really convincing and match the Focus of the Library.

In times where Crossgrades of NI Komplete Ultimate 13 are sold for 550€, the full price of Desert Winds is a mystery.

The library urgently needs an update after 9 years and f.e. a Version for a professionel Surface like Kontakt, Halion etc. the quality of the material wood justify this.

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Nada - Meditation Sounds by Eduardo Tarilonte

Reviewed By TimCumper [all]
February 28th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Mac

A wealth of useful presets with comprehensive routing and editing possibilities.

Totally inspirational.

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Desert Winds

Reviewed By frareinif [all]
January 10th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Got it during a sale for less than half the original price, and it's great! Up to now all soundscapes I checked are really useful, esp. winds are realistic with some parameters to customize. And the wind instruments sound very natural. To be able to choose from microtuning scales makes them sound even more realistic. A worthwhile addition, esp. if you are able to purchase discounted, for composers and producers in need for natural sounding ambiences and exotic moods.

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