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Bremmers Audio Design

Bremmers Audio Design releases MultitrackStudio 8

Bremmers Audio Design has released MultitrackStudio 8 for Windows and Mac OS X.

New Features:

  • Names changed: 'Pro Plus' edition is now called 'Pro', 'Professional' edition is now called 'Standard'.
  • Standard edition now contains the Guitar Amp effect and it can open existing 24/32-bits audio files. It comes without the Multitrack Editor.
  • Multiband Compressor effect (Pro edition only).
  • MultitrackStudio Instruments: virtually all instruments sound better. Acoustic pianos respond to Soft pedal (controller #67). Bowed strings and many winds respond the Legato controller (#68). Synths have Filter and Resonance knobs (and no longer use EQ effects for filtering). Drums have Bass/Snare/Toms/Hihat/Ride/Crash level knobs.
  • MIDI editors: added 'swing' options to quantize resolution box.
  • Note velocity editor now has 'draw' mode.
  • Importing MIDI files: files can optionally be adjusted to song tempo.
  • Mixer sections can be moved vertically using trackpad/mousewheel 'anywhere' (no need to use the scroll bar).
  • Tracks can be switched to Practice Mode by doubleclicking the track's Play button.
  • Tracks can now be in Practice Mode regardless of instrument or effect windows being visible. Having multiple tracks in practice mode simultaneously is now possible.
  • Soft-monitored audio tracks: level meter shows speaker symbol to indicate output clipping (the meter itself shows the input level).
  • Importing audio/MIDI files: files are now copied to song folder. A track's 'Open' option still opens file without copying.
  • 'Import Audio/MIDI file' dialog now remembers folder.
  • New songs automatically have a Reverb effect in the first Effect Return section.
  • Presets can be imported/exported (see Preferences window).
  • Mac: 'Mix down to audio file' can now create .m4a file.
  • Tempo editor: BPM lower limit lowered to 8 BPM, so there's more room for fermata.
  • External MIDI Instruments: controllers are now being sent right from the start (it used to wait until a note was played).


  • Mac: copying effect slot from track to Edit Control window wasn't possible.
  • Windows: fixed possible crash after disconnecting audio device (using 'Windows' audio driver type).
  • Stereo Imager wouldn't convert stereo input to pure mono (Width=0 didn't work).

The new version is available free of charge for users who purchased the program after October 28, 2013. Older versions can be upgraded for $39 (Pro) / $23 (Standard).

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