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Bremmers Audio Design has released version 9.5 of MultitrackStudio for Windows and macOS. The Sampler has been improved, and Audio Edit Control windows now support ARA 2 plugins.


  • Sampler: New 'library' concept. A library is a collection of patches. Importing a GM soundfont file will generate a library of about 128 patches, for example. Libraries can be exported as .zptc files, so they can be moved to another computer etc. The .zptc file is actually simply a zipped version of the folder that contains the .ptc (patch) and sample files.
  • Sampler: Library Manager, where you can add category names. The categories appear in the Libary selector.
  • Sampler: Optional 8 channel output mixer. This will typically be used for drums. In the Pro edition these output channels are available as sidechain sources in other tracks.
  • Sampler: Multiple samples can be added for the same note and velocity. They'll be used in Round Robin fashion.
  • Sampler: Loop Editor for optimizing loop points.
  • ARA 2 plugins can be used in Audio Edit Control effect slots.
  • 'Rewind on stop' option in Preferences window.
  • Sampler: Release time can now be set for each sample. The UI has a Release knob that multiplies these values. The 'Discard Note Off' option is removed (a release time >= 100 seconds is interpreted as 'infinite').
  • Sampler: Pan controller now affects notes that are playing when the controller message comes in.
  • Sampler: Improved disk streaming.
  • Sampler: Improved .sf2/.gig/.sfz importing.
  • Sampler: sf2 files can be up to 4GB.
  • Sampler: Memory limit settings moved from Preferences window to Sampler options menu.
  • Windows: 32 and 64-bits versions now share a single installer which installs the right version. You'll be moved to the 64-bits version if you used the 32-bits version in 64-bits Windows. If you need the 32-bits version in 64-bits Windows you can run the installer with command line parameter /32.
  • Help/manual layout and image quality improvements.
  • Mac: help viewer table-of-contents button is now enabled.
  • Mac: Onscreen MIDI Keyboard in macOS 10.13 and older: the keyboard shortcuts which were missing since version 9.4 now do appear after the corresponding computer keyboard key has been pressed.
  • Mac: SoundFont Player's SoundFont selector can now be controlled with MultitrackStudio Remote.
  • Mac: SoundFont Player's SoundFont selector now has search box.
  • Windows touchscreen: swiping left/right over counter now steps through recent start positions (just like pressing alt+left/right arrow).
  • Fixed (Windows): An error occurred on editing a .m4a file (and some other file types).
  • Fixed (Mac): Effect selector sometimes caused crash on clicking it.
  • Some other improvements and fixes.

Users who purchased MultitrackStudio after October 28, 2013 are entitled to lifetime free updates. Older versions can be upgraded: $39 (Pro) / $23 (Standard).



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