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Cognitone updates "Synfire" Music Prototyping Studio to v1.9.1


Cognitone has updated Synfire, the Music Prototyping Studio, to version 1.9.1. Both Pro and Express editions have been updated.

Synfire now comes with a Soundcase synth embedded into the main program, which provides a choice of GM compatible sounds at virtually no latency. For users of Microsoft Windows, this also eliminates the long latencies previously experienced with the MS Wavetable Synth, which is now obsolete.

The software, now entirely 64-bit, is prepared for the next generation of macOS expected this fall. Some legacy 32-bit support is still available, as long as supported by macOS.

The general audio setup was once again improved and simplified, with all settings now in one place, presented on easy to navigate tabs.

The Audio Engine, now at version 3.1, was streamlined and synchronization and timing have been improved.

Find a fully detailed summary of the changes here.



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