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Cognitone updates "Synfire" Music Prototyping Studio to v1.7.13


Cognitone has updated Synfire, the Music Prototyping Studio, to version 1.7.13. Both Pro and Express editions have been updated.

Feature Enhancements:

  • New ClickBoard for frequently used Transform functions (Arrange, Phrase, Progression).
  • New dual-function buttons (hold down for menu) in inspectors, racks, toolbar.
  • Indicate whether parameter has constant value or multiple values.
  • Ability to replace the plug-in of a Drone from instrument inspector.
  • Transform: Drop redundancy of numeric parameters (data reduction).
  • SHIFT and LENGTH parameters now have a slider for constant values.
  • Ability to apply up/downbeat dynamics to MIDI controllers as well.
  • Instrument Inspector: Streamlined menus for better understanding.
  • Wrap titles of long container names.
  • New Audio Engine version 2.1.2.

Resolved Bugs:

  • Audio Engine: Several plugins crashed when closing editor window.
  • Scroll left/right was broken and impossible for some parameters.
  • Probe (e.g. Take) not working in subcontainers.
  • Fixed improper behavior when memory gets low.
  • Fixed minor toolbar issues.

A fully detailed list of all changes is available here.



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