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Crave DSP updates "Crave EQ" to v2 for Windows and Mac

Crave DSP

Crave DSP has updated Crave EQ to version 2.

New in version 2:

  • Precise Stereo Positioning (Directional EQ): Peaking and shelving filters can be precisely placed in the stereo field. Use the new M/S and L/R filter knobs in combination to apply width to adjust focus followed by panning to change direction. A new direction bar around each band shows the amount of focus and direction.
  • Improved Spectrum Analyzer: The new spectrum analyzer supports higher frequency resolutions, features improved ballistics and can be configured to display any of the M, S, L, R (and combined L/R) channels of the input and output signal. The analyzer can be zoomed up to 4x by dragging up/down on the frequency axis. Dedicated preset management for saving/loading analyzer presets.
  • Linearly Spaced Frequency Lines: Option to switch from logarithmically spaced frequency lines to a new linear spaced frequency display. Enabled by right clicking the editor background and choosing Lines -> Linear from the context menu.
  • Sample Accurate Automation: Supports sample accurate automation for offline bounces with compatible hosts and plugin formats.

  • Phase Inversion: The phase of the signal can be inverted by clicking the Φ button.
  • Up to 4x Lighter on GPU: The new graphics engine uses 8x less GPU memory and is up to 4x lighter on the GPU processor.
  • Frequency Formatting: Frequency knob now always shows 5 digits of accuracy.
  • Shortcuts: Single click on EQ curve to add bands. Right click on EQ curve to add any filter. Drag left/right on knobs as well as up/down.


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