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Crysonic updates Spectra'Phy to v2.3HD


Crysonic has upgraded Spectra'Phy to version 2.3HD.

Spectra'Phy V2.3HD is a second generation mastering grade look-ahead stereo brickwall audio limiter / maximizer and is now a full Multi-Band processor as well as "the only audio plug-in to utilize the principals of mechanical physics for Audio processing", according to Crysonic. SpectraPhy Pro V2.3 is suitable for Mastering, Mixing, Tracking and all Audio/ Music Production.

SpectraPhy V2.3 provides complete independent gain threshold control for all individual L/R channels for each band and this is carried over to the Final Mastering level on the input channel. Crysonic says that by utilizing its new "Nephilim Audio Physics Engine" an unusual amount of audio limiting / maximization can be applied without any unwanted audible artifacts.

Internally Sprectra'phy utilizes its special physics engine (Nephilim Audio) to accurately simulate multiple response signals to maximize the perceived signal volume and to also "brick wall" upper limit to peak set levels. Final response curves are computed on the analysis of multiple simulations each having different characteristics that are driven mainly by incoming transient signals concurrently. This approach tends to produce a more natural sound, almost completely eliminating the risk of introducing audible non-linear distortion.

Crysonic says that the approach employed allows the mastering engineer to achieve maximum perceived "loudness" transparently without ever getting overshoots (Digital-over's) and with minimum audible distortion. The characteristics of the final audio can quickly be adjusted to taste, be it analog or digital with only a single click. The smooth dial component can be used further when "running hot" to tame and impart warmth in either Linear or Exponential modes, this can be disabled if not required.

Spectra'Phy V2.3HD Features:

  • NEW Second Generation Physics based Peak Limiting and Audio Dynamics Maximization.
  • NEW Transparent Multi-Band Auto summing processor.
  • NEW Individual Gain Threshold adjustment of L/R channels for all Bands.
  • NEW Kalman Filter Based smoothing of peak transients.
  • NEW Linear or Exponential modes for imparting analog warmth.
  • NEW Cross-Over filter frequency selection component.
  • NEW Easy to follow User Interface.
  • NEW Look-ahead Brickwall limiting Algorithm with no overshoots.
  • Full Automation for all parameters.
  • Industry standard Gain reduction and RMS meters.
  • 100% 64-bit internal precision.
  • Highly optimized custom DSP code.

Price: $144.

Format: Windows / Mac OS X; AU / VST effect.



Discussion: Active
19 February 2012 at 10:23am

I would like to hear some words from Crysonics about the release and support of their products. It appears they no longer respond to support emails, sales and responses. They were until recently sending out emails for upgrades at a discount...this started last August 2011, promised product back in December, since then all communications have gone quiet except for the odd spam mail from Crysonics. Send them an email and see if you get a response.
It may be plausible this company is no longer trading. Send them money and see if you receive the goods at your cost.
I would like KVR mods to review this product line and whether or not they should be supported by the KVR site.

8 May 2012 at 2:24pm

I am completely disgusted with this company. I have the "everything pack". I was promised free upgrades for all plugins that were not yet available as Mac AUs. Needless to say, they failed in this commitment. I have been bombarded by spam on a weekly basis (frequently more often) asking if I want to upgrade. There seems to be no clearly described method to subscribe only to updates and not to sales BS. Today, I unsubscribed from their infuriating mailing list. That may prevent me from getting legitimate free updates at this point but, as good old Clark Gable put it: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!" Thankfully, I haven't reached a point where my sessions rely on any of their plugins. I am removing them from my system. I find it almost amusing, if not depressing, that a company could be so daft about their marketing.

11 October 2012 at 3:04pm

I have also purchased the "Everything Bundle" earlier on this year and then purchased the upgrades on 31st August this year and despite sending six e-mails over the last 7 weeks I still have not received the files. There must be laws against such dodgy business practice, I would appreciate some advise please. Thanks

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