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Crysonic releases Spectralive NXT v3.0


Crysonic has announced the release of Spectralive NXT v3.0 for Windows and Mac OSX Universal Binary in VST and AU plug-in formats. Crysonic describes this new version of Spectralive NXT as its "third Generation Professional Spectral Audio Vitality and Enhancement Processor". The Spectralive process is Crysonic's proprietary approach for "imparting Vitality and warmth to all audio material without inducing audio artifacts".

Spectralive NXTVersion 3.0 provides Mac OS X support for the first time along with many new features and improvements together with a brand new GUI. Utilizing a completely new engine Spectralive NXT V3 is a completely re-coded new product with everything using 64-bit internal precision designed for high end professional use. Crysonic says that CPU utilization is kept to an absolute minimum by utilizing highly efficient assembly DSP code.

New features include an 11-band look-ahead 'Soft Peak limiter / EQ / Maximizer' with intelligent clip warning assistant; Final Master Clipping prevention ensures audio does not distort and this can be switched on or off; a new multi-band effects Mix Palette section provides an almost infinite combination of algorithms and processes to enable better targeting the source audio.

Spectralive NXT V3 can now be used with Mono sources. Convert any Mono audio source such as guitars, vocals or bass to stereo with a combination of three choices (MTS1, MTS2, Atmospherics) in any combination or all at once before applying the Spectralive effect. The all new Atmospherics section can be used as an additional enhancement process which can be applied to either stereo or mono signals on top of the Spectralive effect to further impart balance, clarity, definition and stereo coherence.

Spectralive NXT V3 now provides 64-combinations of algorithms and processors together with A-B comparison which can be used in conjunction with the Mix palette providing a large amount of combinations. The new Level meters also provide invaluable information during tweaking while mastering / mixing / tracking and audio restoration or re-mastering. Further more, Spectralive NXT V3 now incorporates a smooth high-resolution Real-Time FFT Spectrum and a Spectrogram display enabling precise monitoring of the effected audio plus many other new features and improvements.

The main Vitality dial controls the final Spectralive effect for easy adjustment to taste, input/output gain dials can further be used to control the final audio output. Every parameter is fully automatable via the host.

Spectralive NXT V3 main features / details:

  • Crysonic Spectralive Process: A proprietary approach for imparting vitality and warmth to all your audio material.
  • 64 Algorithm and Processor Combinations.
  • 11-Band look-ahead smooth Peak limiter / EQ / Maximizer.
  • Intelligent Clip Warning Assistant LEDs.
  • Automatic look-ahead Final Master Clipping Prevention.
  • Multi-Band Effect Mix Palette providing a large number of combinations.
  • Can be used with Mono Audio signals.
  • Three methods to convert mono to stereo.
  • Atmospherics Enhancement process can be used on Stereo or mono signals.
  • Real-Time smooth FFT Spectrum Analysis.
  • Hi-Resolution Spectrogram.
  • Single Vitality Dial for global tweak.
  • A-B Comparison of chosen effect.
  • Increase Stereo coherence.
  • Sonically Correct mastering.
  • Audio Frequency targeting.
  • Intelligent Phase control.
  • Double-click to set each control to default value.
  • Press Ctrl for finer Adjustment.
  • Easy-to-use User Interface.
  • Full automation for every parameter via the host.
  • Custom and user presets.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • 64-bit internal precision.
  • Optimized custom DSP code / optimized Assembly DSP code with Vectorization on the Mac OS X Platform.


  • Impart Vitality and Clarity to any audio material without any artificial harmonics.
  • Ideal for vitalizing dynamics during tracking.
  • Film / TV Sound tracks.
  • Audio Restoration.
  • Re-Mastering.
  • Shape Spectral definition.
  • Increase stereo separation and definition without any artifacts.
  • Decrease frequency masking effects during mixing and mastering.
  • Reduce phase and amplitude dependency on the fundamental and harmonic frequencies that exist between most loudspeakers.
  • Boost the bottom-end without affecting the midrange frequencies.
  • Enhance presence during live performances.
  • Increase dynamics for sound effects for games and other related media.

Pricing & Availability

Spectralive NXT v3.0 is now available to purchase from the Crysonic website for Mac OS X Universal Binary AU / VST and Windows VST formats. It has an MSRP of $144 but is available for the special launch price of $99 until the 28th of September, 2009. All previous Crysonic customers are eligible to upgrade for $32 until 28th September ($59.95 afterwards).



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