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de la Mancha releases Impakter - Vintage Drum Module

de la Mancha

de la Mancha has announced the release of Impakter, a vintage drum module plug-in containing 320 samples of original drum sounds generated on analogue synths and drum machines by Sink. It's simple and fun to use with a few advanced features to give some variation and randomisation on every loop.


  • 320 original electronic drum samples generated on vintage hardware synths and drum machines. Gear used to generate and process the samples:
    • Analogue synths: Korg MS20, Roland Juno60, Gakken SX-150.
    • Analogue drum machines: Yamaha MR-10, Korg KPR-77, Antonelli Organ 2377 rhythm box, Mattel Synsonics.
    • Analogue processing: Electro Harmonix Micro synth, Mam VSR3 spring reverb, Lexicon reverb, Boss GE-10 equalizer, Tube compressor, analogue VCA compressor.
    • Vintage synths: Yamaha TX81-Z FM synth.
  • 4 modules for kick, snare, hats and percussion sounds.
  • Each module can host 2 samples and trigger either depending on user defined probability.
  • 2 levels of randomising can be assigned to each modules' volume, pan, decay and pitch for variation every loop.

Pricing & Availability

Impakter costs $24 and is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows.



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