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Decent Samples updates Decent Sampler to v1.9.15

Decent Samples (Decidedly)

Decent Samples has updated the free Decent Sampler to v1.9.15 for macOS, Windows and Linux and to v1.9.14 for iOS.

Changes from the last few versions:

  • 1.9.15: Fixed a bug having to do with velocity-based filter bindings.
  • 1.9.13: Added internal support for a one-pole low pass filter. Samplists, this is useful for simulating extra velocity layers.
  • 1.9.11: Adds internal support for a notch and peak EQ effects.
  • 1.9.10: Fixed a bug that was causing the sampler to intermittently crash on presets that make use of tags within bindings (Motorlab, for example).
  • 1.9.9:
    • Fixed an annoying bug that was preventing some presets from loading correctly in existing projects.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing intermittent glitchy audio on some presets.
  • 1.9.8:
    • For samplists: Includes option to use a lower quality waveshaper effect without oversampling (for CPU reasons) (0000073).
    • For samplists: Adds the ability to show and hide UI controls programmatically (000072).
    • For everyone: When a user enters the wrong password, we now tell them instead of saying some nonsense about a bad token. (0000071).
  • 1.9.7:
    • Made the waveshaper effect more efficient.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing the release phase of the ADSR envelopes to last much longer than it needs to.
  • 1.9.6: Fixes a bug that was causing the plug-in to crash in Apple Logic sometimes.


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