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Detunized releases Bobsleigh & Skeleton Sound Library

Detunized recently released the Bob Skeleton sound library, featuring the action sounds of Bobsleighs and Skeletons that rush down the ice tube at more than 100 kilometres/hour.

The recordings were gathered at 9 spots along a track in Altenberg in the south of Germany. Each take is sorted by spot and extensively meta-tagged.

The content of this library allows for assembling a complete run from start to finish or even to extend it by easily combining start sceneries, energetic passes in different speeds and noisy braking past the finish line. Furthermore, Bob Skeleton content is an inspiring resource for sound mangling experiments and artificial foley design.

Bob Skeleton is available in three formats:

  • Live Pack:
    • Requires Live 8/9.
    • 42 Instrument Racks, 200 MB.
    • Price: € 15.00.
  • Universal Light:
    • 40 Broadcast WAV files with embedded description in 24/48 resolution.
    • 200 MB content.
    • Price: € 15.00.
  • Universal HD96:
    • 82 Broadcast WAV files with embedded description in 24/96 resolution.
    • 830 MB content.
    • Price: € 32.00.

Bob Skeleton Audio Demo

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