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discoDSP updates Discovery Pro and OB-Xd and releases Bliss Sampler 2 Beta


discoDSP has released updates for Discovery Pro and OB-Xd and a beta version of Bliss Sampler 2.

Discovery Pro Nord Lead 2 based synth 7.3.3

What's new (since 7.3.0):

  • Fixed SysEx import/export issue.
  • Active WAVE oscillator now displays correctly at popup menu.
  • Fixed crash after clicking < or > on WAVE LCD.
  • Fixed first bank preset WAVE not sounding after loading.
  • Fixed issues with WAVE oscillator and AAX plugin.
  • Fixed AAX crashing Pro Tools after loading.

OB-Xd Oberheim based synth 2.5.2

What's new:

  • Fixed file dialog focus issue AAX Pro Tools plugin (macOS only).

Bliss Sampler 2.0 Beta 1

Available at discoDSP Members Area for previous 1.8 customers.

What's new:

  • Universal 2 Binary (Native Apple M1 chip compatibility).
  • Added alert window when selecting extreme quality interpolation settings.
  • Added Export Program to mapped WAV files.
  • Added Linux JACK support for standalone.
  • Added Windows ASIO support for standalone.
  • Delay FX synced to host tempo by default.
  • Enhanced voice handling.
  • Fixed legato mode.
  • Full width character display on Program and Zone LCD.
  • Improved unison speed.
  • LUA script updating.
  • Major framework updated (JUCE 5 to JUCE 6).
  • Max voices upped to 64.
  • Memory optimizations.
  • Miscellaneous GUI cosmetic changes.
  • More musical Chorus FX default value.
  • Pitch Shifting (Licensed Rubber Band engine from Breakfast Quay).
  • RAM memory per instance reduced to 7.7x.
  • Redistributed VST sampling menu.
  • Removed FLAC export code from voice DSP code.
  • Removed webkit component in Linux for additional compatibility.
  • Simplified reverb engine.
  • VST sampling engine enhancements.


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