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discoDSP releases HighLife sampler 2.0 and updates Discovery and Discovery Pro synths


discoDSP has released HighLife v2.0 and updated Discovery to v5.4 and Discovery Pro to v7.8.3.

Changes in HighLife 2.0:

  • MacOS Universal 2 Binary Builds: Now built natively for Apple Silicon, promising you a more efficient experience.
  • Revamped GUI elements: We've updated some graphical user interface elements to give it a fresh and intuitive look and feel.
  • Improved Loaders: OGG, WAV, FLAC, MP3 loaders have been enhanced for better reliability.
  • Significant Framework Updates: The underlying framework has received significant updates, promising an improved user experience.
  • New Application Icon: We've designed a new, visually appealing application icon.
  • Sampling Engine Optimization: The sampling engine has been optimized for superior performance.
  • Standalone and VST3 Builds: The new builds ensure wide-ranging compatibility across platforms.

Changes in Discovery Pro 7.8.2/7.8.3:

  • Activation Window Issue Resolved: The problem where the activation window was opening in the background has been fixed.
  • VST3 Parameter Issue Addressed: A patch has been applied to sort out the VST3 parameter glitch.
  • Minor Skin Asset Updates: The default skin assets have been updated for a more refreshing look.
  • Noise Issue Fixed: We've resolved the issue of noise interference during license activation in some DAW hosts.
  • Removal of Legacy Banks Message: The message dialog for 'legacy banks not found' has been removed for a smoother user experience.
  • Improved Navigation: Certain menus have been sorted and organized for more efficient navigation.

Changes in Discovery 5.4:

  • Optimized for Linux: The Linux build of the synth has been tweaked for optimal performance.
  • VST3 Parameter Binding Issue Resolved: Issues with VST3 parameter binding have been fixed.
  • Built-in Online License Activation: We've introduced a built-in online license activation to streamline the process.


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