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discoDSP releases Discovery Pro 8.0


discoDSP has announced the release of Discovery Pro 8.0, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of their flagship synthesizer. This update brings a suite of new features and enhancements.

Framework Update and DSP Improvements:

  • Refined Oscillators: With twice the detail, the improved oscillators enhance both low and high-frequency sounds, offering an improved audio experience.
  • Advanced Distortion Modes: The distortion modes are now four times more precise, adding rich depth and character to your productions.
  • Analog-Sounding Filters: They have updated several filters to emulate analog warmth and texture, now offering twice the richness.

Enhanced Preset Management with Disk Mode:

  • Navigate effortlessly through presets and folders in our newly introduced Disk Mode: This feature allows users to browse presets within 'Documents > discoDSP > Discovery Pro > Presets > Programs' folder with ease. Toggle between Bank and Disk Modes with a simple click on the LCD's BNK letter. For added convenience, they have integrated new file preset export functions in the Edit menu.
  • Expanded Preset Library: Expanded FXP preset library, filled with fresh and inspiring sounds.

The new update also includes a Tick to Grid Value Conversion display, updated framework, Edit menu streamlining, and other stability and improvements.

Upgrade Offer

Those who purchased Discovery Pro 7 last December will receive a complimentary upgrade to Discovery Pro 8. For others, the upgrade from Discovery or Discovery Pro 7, 6 or 5 is available at a special price of $74.99. The Linux build, featuring additional SSE assembly optimizations, will be ready in the coming weeks.



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